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    How to properly critique a resto shammy

    Greetings blue nameplates who heal things!!

    I'm part of a 25m guild and we have a resto shammy who we think is doing a few things that might be off. I'd really love to link logs and his armory but out of fear os calling him out I guess i'll just stick to general points of constructive criticism.

    Like all classes I'm sure there are a few schools of thought out there as far as reforging and stat priority goes. To give an idea though he''s been wanting to tank heal but we've also been keeping him on the raid as far as healing assignments go. That being said what kind of reforging should we be looking at?

    As as buffs cast what kind of uptimes should we be looking for. Again, i'm not a healer but his ancestral vigor on the tank is sub 30%. Is that acceptable? What about other key buffs/uptimes should we be looking for?

    Healing by spell, again i'm sure this varies on a fight by fight basis but generally speaking what should his top spells be?

    Gemming,, i know there's a couple of Haste BPs I'm pretty sure he's hitting the first one, and recently he's reforging into crit, which i know there is an added value, what kind of spirit should be maintaining? What kind of crit/mastery ratio should be have?

    Again, please excuse for my ignorance but i am writing this to learn more and educate myself and my healing officer further on properly critiquing resto shammy'ing. If i'm missing anything please feel free to include any general points we should be covering.

    Thankyou for your time.

    Edit: i've been reading through the stickies but the goal here isn't change everything (assuming hes not doing everything wrong) but just minor things for us to look at constructively and pass allong.
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    Read this post from Cannot Be Tamed Evaluting-restoration-shaman-with-world-of-logs/ While it is from the last expansion most of the points are the same. Shields should be 95%+ uptimes (goal is 100%), Ancestral Fort, Riptide, Tidal waves should also be above 90%. Also look at CD's used. Ascendance and Spiritwalkers should be used multiple times per fight (unless its a fight where the healers plunk themselves down and barely move, for Spiritwalkers). When looking at the spells used, make sure your healer isn't channeling the 1 button rotation of Wrath but is using multiple spells. Make sure your healer is using their damage reduction cooldowns.

    For specific suggestions you could make screenshots of the shaman's WoL showing healing done, Buffs Cast, etc and just blur out the name.

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    I am still learning to heal myself, but, I personally go for the haste break point (I believe its 871 haste if you take Ancestral Swiftness or w/e the new Nature's Swiftness is called) and then go for crit, because we get mana back when we crit.

    I have about 7000 spirit right now and that doesn't feel like just enough yet. (But again, I have been tanking and dpsing for a while, this is my first time trying to learn to heal).

    I Gem Spirit/Int, Int/Crit, stuff like that.

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    Healing by spell can very a lot depending on the fight. Riptide should always be high, top 3-4 no matter what, and should be used on cd. In heavy raid damage, Healing rain / chain heal should be a lot higher.

    Healing stream totem / Earth shield should have close to 100% uptime. Tidal waves should have 65% + uptime.

    Healing surge and unleash elements should always be lower on healing.

    As far as stat reforges go, he should definitely have 871 haste for the earthliving wep tick. He can either go for the 3764 breakpoint (which I would recommend, but thats imo), or go crit. Most shamans keep mastery at around 50-55%, but if the fights are more stack heals / heavy raid damage, then more mastery is perfectly viable.

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    the ancestral vigor is not huge and is only really needed if you except your tank to be one-shotted (think madness impales). after the 871 breakpoint crit is #1 as you will have to much mastery to even begin to worry about not having enough.

    as for spell choice that can vary quite a bit. I wrote kind of a guide for that http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...fore-the-storm here. The ideology from those encounters apply to the other ones.
    in general you top spells are healing rain, (cds), healing stream totem, chain heal, and riptide.

    as for specific advice i can't really help you without logs to see what he is doing where.

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    For reforging the only thing that is mandatory is Spirit get spirit everywhere just as much as is possible and then make sure he is not going for the AS+3764 haste cap for healing tide and stream totem. It is bugged and really weird right now totems is based of your haste and current latency so 100% unreliable. http://elitistjerks.com/f79/t130574-..._05_mop/#Haste You want to go for the 871 cap if its possible with your gear. If you got good gear with tons of haste go for NO AS and Elemental mastery talent and 3039 haste

    For other stats its really just free for all with mastery and crit. Both are good both and will out-preform the other depending on the phase,boss fight, other players, and from kill to kill.

    Its also very very important to never cast a healing rain without a unleash elements for the 30% healing bonus easy way to check this is just if he is using unleash elements on cd.

    For spells used Healing rain should always be in the top 3 on all fights and on AoE fights always top 1. Healing tide should be 2-5th most used heal make sure he is dropping it when raid is low and if not told otherwise multiple time per fight. 2-4 should be riptide, healing stream, healing tide,Healing wave/greater healing wave/HS fight depending.

    If he is using Riptide glyph it should be used on anyone who will be taking damage and not be overhealed by HoT. If no riptide glyph it should be used on CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
    Healing stream totem / Earth shield should have close to 100% uptime. Tidal waves should have 65% + uptime.
    MAX Healing Stream Totem uptime is 50%. 30sec CD, 15sec duration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enaina View Post
    MAX Healing Stream Totem uptime is 50%. 30sec CD, 15sec duration
    I believe he means using Healing Stream Totem every time its up which means 100% Uptime or Maximum possible up time

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    Im pretty sure if u have 100 % uptime of tidal waves is wrong. at theoritical optimal use of tw it would be maxed at 65 %.

    some what between 55 and 65 % is the goal, with 4set bonus or riptide glyph this number will go up. The riptide glyph has one strong negative: it cuts the hpm of one of the most efficient heals in the shamans arsenal by 1/3. Its really only useful when awesome single target heal is required, to get the tidal waves more often tu buff more spells (i used this glyph at early stoneguard hc, because our poor druid ate 90k + dps while tanking, and i couldnt keep him alive without tw buffed heals)

    Another situation would be spread out raid dmg healing, but in most such situations a combination of Heal totems / ascendance + single target heals / chainheal (glyphed) and a 3 -4 people healing rain will be performing better than the riptide glyph. (this is not as big of a problem in 25s, in 10s such scenarios have been named the "bane of restoshaman").

    unleash for every healing rain when possible is a mega boost in efficiency and throughput.

    Also the elementarist pet talent with 10 % increased troughput channel can be good on many fighs, especially if its a stacked up situation with heavy dmg coming in. (elegon, empress for example).

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    Thankyou for the feedback so far, I haven't been ignoring this thread just taking it all in. We're going back into our 25m tonight so i plan on posting logs and maybe getting more of a detailed critique back. One further question from what i understannd he's been on this bend to want to specifically "tank heal" now we normallly have 2 disc priests, is that right? Or rather would it be optimal for him to tank heal? I know shammies can do it, im curious if they should though. Our comp is usually 1 disc 1 disc/holy 2 resto druids 1 resto shammy 1 MW monk

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    To tank heal? I mean we have a good toolkit, but to be honest he should be tossing heals around, just wanting to heal tanks is rather odd, especially in 25's for a rsham.

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    On 25s he wants to tank heal? Well... We are not great tank healers tbh if compared to our aoe arsenal.
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    Yea... I'm not a healer nor am i an officer but... I knew that sounded kind of wonky..

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