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    [H] <Oozeling> (25) of Stormreaver - 10 man recruiting

    This is a HEROIC PROGRESSION raiding team, our goal is to keep up with our 25-man team.

    Current roster:

    Friday 10 man raid team ROSTER (11/15/12)
    T: Death Knight - Edicitsep
    T: -OPEN-
    H: -OPEN-
    H: -OPEN-
    H/RD: -OPEN-
    MD: Warrior - Encon
    MD: Death Knight - Eliø (11/22/12)
    RD: Warlock - Corruptina
    RD: Mage - Riecon
    RD: -OPEN-

    Raid Times: 6 P.M. - Midnight SERVER TIME

    Ground Rules:
    1. Be respectful to your fellow raid and guild members. I shouldn't have to say this more than once. If there is a problem, come to me.

    2. Come prepared. We only raid one night a week, so if you are unprepared for the night, we could be loosing six hours of progression time. Take care of whatever needs to be taken care of before (Watching boss videos, practicing rotations and optimizing gear, etc.).

    3. Be ready to learn fights through wiping. The key to winning a boss fight is learning from your mistakes.

    4. Don't let your teammates fail. If someone is doing something wrong (Regardless of who it is, myself included), don't let them continue to fail, bring it up! But do it respectfully and offer suggestions to improve as well.

    5. Notify me as soon as possible if you can not make a raid. I don't want to have to sit someone on the bench each week to make sure we have a full raid, so try not to make it a frequent occurrence.

    6. Try to keep AFKs to a minimum. We will take group breaks.

    7. Have fun! This is a game, we play it to have fun. Kicking ass along the way is icing on the cake.

    How the raid will work:

    With this setup, there shouldn't be too many conflicts for loot drops. In the event that more than one person needs an item, both members will link the item they have in that slot and we will discuss it. Generally, the person that would get the most benefit from it will receive it.

    As a group, we will decide when we will take breaks, either every hour or every two hours for slightly longer. Try not to ninja AFK otherwise if at all possible.

    Certain boss fights may be easier with different talent/glyph loadouts, so be willing to try something new as the situation demands.

    Unless things have changed with the launch of Mists of Pandaria, elixirs are still better to use for progression, and flasks will be acceptable for fights on farm status. Try to bring your own. I am an alchemist and can help you with elixirs, flasks, and pots. Just ask. Try to bring your own food as well, I am NOT a cook and cannot guarantee that we will have a feast for every fight. Engineers can supply repair bots if needed.
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