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    I like my job, but almost like every job, it's a job, not a pastime.

    I like it because I work physically and intellectually.

    p.s. I'm a technician in mechanical engineering. I'm in charge of the quality control and CMM programmation.
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    Police officer, no i don't. That's why i'm back in school learning system and network.... management ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post
    then you havent find the right one yet
    You have been lucky so far your field is not very stable and there are tons of people trying to go into it. I personally think it's hard to find a job you love just because of the job. I have liked jobs mainly due to the other people who I work with. We all can't find jobs we love every aspect of if we did I'm pretty sure no one would work for retail places, or as garbage men, or whatever other unpleasant jobs are out there. I would be ok finding a job where I get treated well and the people are fun to work with.

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    I do like my job, but since I'm active in the validation part of it at a time when we are less three weeks away the dealines with bugs their fixes and all the daily reviews along with reports, it is tiring.

    But I like it nonetheless

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    I hate my job (payroll), though, most of that may be attributed to my co-workers. If I worked with people that I liked and respected, I may just find my job repetitive and dull (but not so excruciating).

    This is why I'm in college to be a writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post
    Yes !!! im a video game Artist, 2D and 3D, it was my dream job as a kid and ive been in the industry for about 3years and half atm, and still love it !

    (my sig is an example of what i do )
    Very talented. Love the colors.

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    i really enjoy my job in customer services.

    said no one ever.
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    I don't know what you'd call my job title. For official use (when filling out paperwork, surveys, etc) I just list my job title as laborer. I work at a small hardware store/lumber and material yard. We compete with the local big box stores, no problem. Been there a little over seven years. I do a bit of everything. Pull orders, inventory, load/unload trucks, take deliveries.. Help out with computer issues inside the store, help with anything that needs to be built (which can be anything from large storage buildings down to a simple dog house). So laborer.

    I like it. I can't stay much longer, can't afford it. If I were paid more, I'd be content till I retired. That's despite the fact that I still haven't finished college. Guess my whole outlook on life has changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    I'm self employed, started and run my own business in a field that I'm passionate about, so I guess I can say I do a job that I really enjoy... not quite my dream job but realistically not miles away either.
    I'm probably not allowed to ask this, but do mods not get paid anything at all? Always thought they did. (perhaps not enough to keep oneself a float though..)
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    I I extremly enjoy it After years of hopelessly looking for something that won't annoy me, I managed to join a professional choir. The salary is decent tho nothing fancy but the best part is that I am doing something I love.

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    Yes I do. Currently I'm a server at a sports bar. I've been serving for nearly 5 years, and I've been doing jobs in Food and Beverage for 8 years. I'm only 22 years old, so to have that kind of experience at my age is a bit of a big deal, in the sense that even though I'm young, I know what I'm doing. I've worked in 7 different restaurants, in 5 different positions. Now don't get me wrong, I don't do the job because I'm skill-less. One of the privately owned businesses I worked for hired me on to be their head marketing manager. I filmed and photographed their live performances, edited them, made youtube videos. I controlled their facebook, website, youtube, and email. I designed the menu's and coupons from scratch, and also built the posters for major events. Basically I did everything you could consider "marketing," even on the edges of the meaning of the word.

    It's not what I want to do forever, by any means. Serving doesn't produce enough income for me to have the "American dream" if you will. It's also looked down upon as a no-skill job. I'll hand it to the people who say that, that anyone can be a good server, but to be a great server, you do need somewhat of an exceptional skillset. It's not as easy as one might think to really serve on a higher level. The social skills required to handle that many people every day, on top of pushing sales higher for yourself, and for your company, and the incredibly fast-paced environment, can put some ware and tear on a person. It's certainly one of the easier jobs out there, but it's not hard to find yourself in scenarios that are not easy at all.

    Unlike a lot of people that I meet in the field these days, I take a lot of pride in my job. Today was a good example. My manager cut all the other servers on the floor 2 hours before the day shift was over. Then we got busy. Well, let me say, I got busy, as I was the only server. Let me take a second to add a sidebar here. We are currently raising money for St. Judes Hospital, by offering people the chance to add donations to their check. The most any server in one day had sold was 18 dollars. The area I live in is full of self-centered pretentious assholes, who have boatloads of money, but when you ask them for a dollar for sick kids, they look at you like you're insane. Anyway, I managed to push the bounds and set the bar pretty high today. I handled the place getting filled up pretty quick by myself, and had all of my tables telling me how exceptional I was at my job, and how happy they were to have me. On top of that, in all the chaos, I still managed to wrestle 50 dollars for St. Judes out of my customers. It felt really good to be honest. I like knowing and hearing from both my customers, and my management staff, that I'm making a difference, and setting the bar high.

    The average server is a get in, make money, get out kind of person. Me however, I really pride myself on pushing the limits, and truly making other people's days go a little bit better. Great service isn't easy to come by.

    Anyway, pretty sure I've ranted far too much about myself. I was an English Major college dropout, but my writing skills are exceptional. (Inb4, this is a quickly written forum post that I don't have time to proofread, so please don't give me flack). My education pre-college is relatively up there, with plenty of private military school experience. I know that in my future, is a much more highly regarded, well paying job. However, as a 22 year old with my whole life ahead of me, I find that doing a great job in a service industry I love (most of the time), really suits me. I've done it a long time, and I probably will keep doing it for at least a few more years. You meet a lot of people, and you learn a lot too. Basically I look at it as, I'm getting paid to be really good at saying hi to people. It's obviously more complicated than that, but for someone who's been doing it a while, all the things that come off as hard to people, are flat out second nature to me. I can blurt out my little series of suggestions and crap that corporate makes me do, without thinking about it. Talking to people comes very naturally to me. This field is a perfect back-burner position for a person like me to be in. There are terrible, awful days, and sometimes I curse my job, but I can honestly say that 75% of the time I'm literally excited to go to work. That's more than I think a lot of people can say about their jobs, so for that I am thankful.
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    It's okay. I work for myself and make quite a lot which allows me to do the things I want, so I don't mind it.

    Is it something I'd want to do for 40-50 years? Probably not.

    I would quite like to study out of interest and maybe end up working in the field I study, but for the most part I'm not too fussed. I won't be working past 40 anyway, so as long as I can keep myself sane until then I'll be fine.

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    I'd rather be cleaning gutters.... Honestly.

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    Love my job. It has negatives but those considered, I still look forward to going to work on a Monday morning

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    Never had a job, currently at uni studying computing and expected to get 1st or 2:1....i really can't imagine doing it everyday for the rest of my's a lot more competitive than i would have thought it would have been...people practically stabbing people in the back just to get attention from the tutors :P I assume it would just get worse when money is involved... >.<

    I think i will graduate, volunteer at a local cattery to gain experience and hopefully gain a full time job looking after or helping animals in some way shape or form

    Even imagining doing something like software engineering everyday of my life sends shudders down my spine...

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    Yes indeed. I am working at GamStop. So i play many games in my freetime and working with it when i work. So yes, games every day. MMO i love most is Wow, guildwars 2 and Secret World.

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    I'm an extremely overpaid dishwasher/kitchen assistant at one of my dad's restaurants (very good and quite pricey restaurants). Not often you hear dishwashers enjoying their jobs, I guess, but it allows me to interact with awesome people (the chefs, and a couple of the waiters), it allows me to learn some Slovakian (3 of the chefs are Slovaks, and I love languages, so, hey), and has a lot of repetitive tasks, which is something I love, and it allows me to excel at those things (efficiency; speed and thoroughness). I'm not even studying for anything related to the restaurant industry, so doesn't exactly give me field-experience for what I'd like to do after I graduate, but meh. Pays incredibly well, and is fun.

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    Where I live in the world you can live a comfortable life on a 40hr/wk minimum wage job if you're not supporting anybody and aren't in heavy debt. Decent apartments here are roughly $450/month rent with half utilities included. When I talk to most of my friends about it they're like "OMGAWD NOWAI, even a crummy apartment is like $1000/month here!"

    I make above minimum wage (still under $10/hr though) working at a factory 40-50 hrs/wk. I do not mind it one bit and would have nothing against doing it for the rest of my life.

    Do I "enjoy" it? I care about my job and take it seriously, though. I have no problem getting up and going to work every day. I do a good job and I get noticed for it. I do a lot of over time and seem to enjoy it more when I do because I know my paycheck the next week is going to be much better.

    I'm not going to vote because I'm probably in the middle ground.

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    I'm in B2B Technology sales and love my job. My office is a great place to work. Vendors provide catered food almost every day, laid back environment, good people to work with, good pay, good benefits, great hours, uncapped OT. It's great experience and has stepping stones both within the company and with the many vendors we deal with on a daily basis. Casual Dress code, jeans / polo every day if you want, and overall just a place I enjoy going to every day. It has it's annoyances / stresses like every job but I still can honestly say I enjoy my job.

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    I work in a warehouse, operating heavy machinery. It's not particularly grandiose, but it pays well and I don't have to deal with the constant stream of new guys that will only last a week at most. Eight year veteran, wot wot.

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