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    Having my hobby as a job. Pretty satisfied with that. Guess I am one of the lucky ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i really enjoy my job in customer services.

    said no one ever.
    So true, I feel your pain.

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    I'm probably not allowed to ask this, but do mods not get paid anything at all? Always thought they did. (perhaps not enough to keep oneself a float though..)
    Mod's don't get paid.

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    Coffee shop - Front of house to begin with (worked with my older cousin), hated it until someone told me to actually talk to the customers after they had their drink, to be fair I tried it, and I got on well with all of them, tips came in every day, I sat down with most and chatted (and got paid ftw)

    Moved on to doing the kitchen as well, the same local customers would come in, and say oh we want food but no idea what to have, so instead of getting worked up like I used to, I'd just say you know what, sit down, I'll go cook you something I think you'll like, if you like it pay for it, if you don't pick what you want off the menu free of charge, Never had anyone complain about my food, and I did all sorts that wasn't on the menu,

    Then moved up again, and ended up me and my cousin co mangering it, and we had a pretty efficient system in place, out of summer holidays / half terms / bank holiday, you know a normal week, we could run the entire place (it sat 50-60) just the two of us, we would do the front of house togeather until food came in, then he'd do the kitchen then we'd both tidy up as we went, and I enjoyed that.

    After 5 nearly 6 years there, we sold the leash.

    My next job was painting and decorating with my tutor in training, I enjoyed it to begin with, then hated it because of the changes to my wages, instead of hourly it went to how much work I did I got paid for it, it was really low

    So I had to finish with him, and went to work for a mate rebuilding a house from the inside, I really enjoyed that, garden work, DIY, painting then moving on to help him with his ict business, really enjoyed it, however it was only a 8 week contract,

    Then my old painting boss phoned me up, offered me nearly triple what he had paid to come back, so I did, and we had a good time most of the time, other times he was a complete twat, but we saw it through and got on, I finished for college,

    On and off through college, I went back home would work for him to guarantee I had a summer job when I come home, he was fine money was good and we had a laugh

    Summer came, it was good for three weeks, then weather turned shit, so his mood turned shit, we couldn't do any of our jobs as they were all outside, I had to take a second job in a toy shop which I enjoyed, he found out, we fell out end of basically

    Now Im teaching martial arts, I mean I was teaching before, getting paid a small amount as it was only one hour work twice a week, but I was getting my lessons free, which made a hell of a difference as Im a poor student but now I do that, and I also run my own class's at the college as work and I love it
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    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    Work the overnight shift at the local Walmart in electronics. They have me stocking shelves, dealing with customers and, sometimes, they have my manning the phones and relying with a damn walky talky. The work is neither mentally, nor physically, nor sexually, nor financially gratifying in any way, shape, or form. Job hunting as much as I can for something better and if I hit 6 months and still working there, going to transfer to first shift and go back to school.

    I think I would end up wanting to shoot myself if I had to do this crap my whole life. Especially if I can't get off the overnight shift, I miss sleeping at night and I am tired all day it seems even after 4 months.

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    I voted "yes", but it depends when you ask, really. I hate having to get up in the mornings, I don't like going to the office and I won't do overtime unless *I* think it's necessary. Having said that though, while I'm at the office I generally like the job - how much varies.

    I'm a Configuration Management consultant, specialising in Version Control and Defect Tracking systems (IBM Rational, specifically). I'm very technical and I'm not really interested in processes and the like, so more technically biased the role is, the happier I am. In fact, the more technically challenging the role is, the happier I am. I particularly love problems that impact several fields (networks, databases, servers, etc) - I love that moment when the people I'm working with realise that not only am I an expert in my field, I'm also pretty damned good in theirs too!

    So yeah .. the more technical my current contract is, the more difficult it gets and the more fields I get to work in, the happier I am. Throw in the chance to learn something new as well, and it's tough to beat. Even on those days though, I still hate having to get out of bed and go to work!

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    I love my job.

    I'm a District Manager for a major tax services company in the US. I manage 5 offices and about 100 employees. The great part about the job is that it changes every single day. Whether it is a management situation with and employee or customer or a tax situation involving research or helping a customer, I never do the same thing twice in a day.

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    I love my job in the military, the pay is excellent and there is always something interesting to do. There are lots of negatives too, nut I am getting promoted next year so I dont really care about the downsides at the moment.

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    Yes, I do.

    I own an I.T. company, and a few commercial properties and have dabbled in a number of other ventures as my finances permit me to experiment. Some of the ideas hit, most miss, but I wake up each morning eager to get to work.

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    I enjoy my job about 10% of the time. I work with a couple of cool people I like talking too so when I get to talk to them I enjoy my job, the rest of the time I hate it. Cashier at a supermarket for the record, so I only get to talk to my co-workers if we've both got no customers and our registers are adjacent, or if we're both sorting stock/loading drinks at the same time.

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    Given that I am unemployed, I'd count my own shady deals I do from time to time as my "job".

    Yeah, I do.

    What exactly do I do? Find stuff other people want across Europe and get it there. But that's more of a hobby, you can't live off of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liara View Post
    Yup, I do.
    I'm a snowboard instructor, which is absolutely amazing. Love the sport, and even though you don't get to shred while instructing beginners, it's very rewarding to seem them going from "not even being able to stand" to "shredin' like a bawss"
    Just out of interest. How long does it take someone, on average, to look really good on a snowboard from "not even able to spell it"?
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    Not really, I'm a trainee at a car dealer selling parts, taking care of customers and provide service both on mouth-to-mouth but also on telephone/pc. Its okay I guess but it is no near my dream job. I'm only doing this because I need - or I want to - complete my education. But the salery is okay considering I'm a trainee (+ on bonuses )
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    I'm a 20 year old Funeral Director, and I love my job. It's not anything I ever imagined myself doing, but it's probably the best thing that's ever happened in my life, I guess I'm, just lucky. It's a perfect mix of practical and intellectual work, i'm not stuck in an office all day, get to go and meet all different sorts of people, perfect job for me I think, actually look forward to going to work.

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    I'm a PhD student, which is basically being a researcher with more stress, deadlines and pressure and less money, knowledge and credibility.

    Doing science is pretty cool in itself. The pressure isn't. I'd say I enjoy it and that I'll enjoy it more once my career is launched.

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    Hell no!
    I'm only working there while I'm going to school.

    I'm really close to my boss/coworkers so it's fun to talk to them, but I almost never get to talk to them because shitty customers get in the way. I work at a luggage store and the majority of our customers are either old Jewish women or Brazilians. Old Jewish women complain about EVERYTHING (I'm a Jew so it's okay for me to say that) and Brazilians don't speak any english but complain about the price on the cheapest thing in the store. They point at the huge sale sign and move their hand down like they want it lowed. I've had people walk about because I wouldn't give them $1 off of a $10 suitcase.
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    IT consultant, I kinda dislike it. Eventually I'm afraid I will have to move to bet a better one.
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    Oh yes, I love it. I work with various administrative, technical and leadership oriented tasks at an office.

    Not only does it provide a challenge if I'm looking for one, on days I don't want one I can sit back and put my feet on the desk (literally). I have set hours, but I can change them around freely, with a few minor restrictions. I take my lunch and my breaks when it fits me, and on days when I want something done before I go for the day I am free to work overtime and/or not take any breaks at all (I do this usually on certain programming projects or when assisting with important logistics), but my boss usually frowns upon it if he finds out lunch has been skipped (if it's me he always lets it slide, but if one of the mere mortals skips lunches and breaks he makes sure they don't do it again).

    The actual work varies as well, which is very important for me. I also thoroughly enjoy the company of the people I work with as well, another major factor for me to enjoy my job. It also helps that I can speak Geek/internet jargon with my boss on days I feel like it, or on days when I want to be excruciatingly formal he responds in kind. I shake his hand when I get in as formally as I can, he matches his handshake, and we say "Doctor" to each other (we're not doctors). Or if it's Hippie-day, or "newly arrived in the country"-day, or whatever my fantasy concocts on the way to work. Whatever mask I'm wearing for the day, he adapts, and humors me. As long as I get the job done, he enjoys the show. I love it.

    What else? I get to speak with new faces when I feel like it, which is nice on days I don't feel humanity is doomed due to ignorance/stupidity. If I want to sleep in or leave work early I'm free to. I'm not asked to do work at home over the weekend, but if I want to I'm allowed (important for me since I actually enjoy my work; sometimes you just want to take some time off from your time off). Both my boss and the owners alike appreciate when I talk to them about how to make routines or systems more efficient, or how to make time consuming repetitive tasks less so (usually computer system specific stuff), or when I just have general ideas on how to improve something. They listen to me, and I feel valued. The pay is sweet, as are the hours, and career prospects. If I had the same (stagnant) position year in and year out I'd loose it.

    The only drawback is that I have to have an alarm set on workdays. But from what I've understood, this is the norm among the working force anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post
    then you havent find the right one yet
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    Depends on which day you ask me and today is a definite no.

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    currently a student but have a part-time job as a sports peformance analysist. because at my local club i film training/game/certain player - whatever the coach wants and then edit the video to include what the coach is working on...i.e say the work on overlapping at training, then he may ask me to film the left back and see how many times he does, how many times he doesnt when theres a clear chance to etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    Just out of interest. How long does it take someone, on average, to look really good on a snowboard from "not even able to spell it"?
    It depends on what you mean by "look really good"
    It takes roughly a day or two of quality instruction to be able to go down a slop while making legit turns the entire way through.
    But if you mean all the freestyle stuff (jumps, jibs and the like), then probably a season or so.

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