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    [A - Wildhammer - EU] <Panopticon> Recruiting everything! - Semi-hardcore 10.

    A little about us.

    We are a newly formed guild on Wildhammer-EU 10m. Looking for more players to fill our ranks and start raiding. We have a strong core of 5 people who have raided rather hardcore in the past, and are back for more action after a break in Cata.
    Our intentions are to create a social guild environment with a semi-hardcore attitude towards raids. We understand that rushing everything is not a way to go either, however wiping over and over again on same encounter is not fun either, therefore we expect our future raiders to be properly prepared. That being said, we respect that real life take priority over everything else.

    Guild Requirements.

    • We expect you to be a mature player. That being said, we do not care about how old you are. Maturity is something that cant be decided by a number.
    • Make sure you character is of maxed level. Having good gear is optional. However make sure you put some effort into your gear, no matter how bad it is, it shows us that you are striving to improve.
    • We require our raiders to come fully prepared for encounters, meaning that you bring your own consumables.
    • We believe that guild is like a family, hence we would appreciate if you do not use guild chat as a trade channel where you try to sell your things.
    • We would like it to be as positive as possible when it comes to raids. There is no avoiding in wiping now and then, so some tolerance for wiping would be great, see it as an opportunity to improve.
    • We are using Mumble as main source of communication during raid, so please have it installed and know how to use it.
    • We are raiding three days a week, but we understand that real life takes priority. We do not expect you to have 100% attendance, however we would love to see you raid as much as you can.

    Raid Times:

    Monday : 19:00 - 22:00 CET
    Wednesday : 19:00 - 22:00 CET
    Friday : 19:00 - 22:00 CET

    For more information please visit www.panopticon-eu.com or send me a pm.
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    Bump! We want to start killing bosses again!

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