[H] Tribunal - Detheroc

Currently recruiting casual members for Mists of Pandaria.

We're a casual, mature guild looking for like members. We are currently recruiting anyone wanting a new guild to call home. You are able to be a member of our guild whether you plan to raid, or just play a few hours a week. We will be running 5-mans (normal, heroic, and challenge modes) and 10-man raids.

Raid invites go out at 9:25 pm (server) - trash pulls start at 9:30 pm. We usually end at 11:30 am. (Times may be bumped up a hour or two in the near future)

What we expect of the people who plan to raid with our guild:

  • Class Knowledge -- We expect you to perform, you should always have the most optimal gems, enchants, and reforges.

  • Raid Knowledge -- Research fights beforehand!

  • Attendance -- While we do not have a minimum requirement; if you can't make it, please let someone know. Calendar invites will be created 2 weeks in advance for each raid night.

Loot is handled on a case by case scenario. The norm will simply include rolling for a piece if it provides an upgrade. Should this system be abused (one person continuously winning piece after piece), we reserve the right to use a loot council - consisting of the officer rank or higher.

We will provide guild repairs for all guild runs - including dungeons, scenarios, and raids. We will also do our best to provide consumables for all aforementioned runs.

If interested in joining do a /who Tribunal and ask for Lucetia (might be on an alt), feel free to send a PM here or reply to this thread.