Recent events (lets say months) have shown that England seems to be getting even more against the idea of European Union's reconciliation/harmony.

I understand that english people are not happy about spending money for countries that wasted their resources, time and now are in need of cash injection and so on. But the problem is not only about money. It seems like you are trying to prove that you are superior over us (other countries). That your culture and history is to great to be part of some Mediterranean/Russian guys.

But you must remember that if we really would like to build one great continent, and hopefully in a distant future a great one country, we must sacrifice. It takes time to make dreams real. And lets not forget that England has been one of the biggest beneficiary of the UE structure.

Lets forget about all the economical after-effects, just theoretical social questions (to all English ppl):

1. Would you like to leave the EU structures and why. Is it true that over 40% of you population wants to do so ?

2. Would you like to extend integration between the countries (maybe at a different conditions).

3. Can you even imagine changing your current currency (pound) for euro.

I am just really curious about this. Can u show me your point of view ? How do you feel about the future ? From our perspective you are just being narcissistic.

And belive me, I understand that your coutry has own troubles. That your Prime Minister has to show that he is tough. That every country at the current state of union wants to get as much money as they can for themselves. But as I said, it seems you are not just eager on money.

I do not mean to insult anybody. I just want to share some thoughts