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    all of em but i personally think locks, dks, and druids can do alot more

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    Pretty much any class can solo old content..but if we move toward Wrath raids / cata raids I´d say hunters, warlocks and -very- good mages as their sustain + pet tanking was always quite superior.

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    Warriors are pretty much immortal vs most of old content, even if they go as arms.

    With 10k-20k hp regen per second when below 30% there's not a lot of mobs that a warrior can't kill that another class(aside from blood dk) can.

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    Dread knight = dk ? Really bro :P ?

    Warlocks, hunters, paladins...warriors and druids can work as well on most of things.
    "DPS is science, healing is art, tanking is strategy."

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    I'd recommend a monk. Considering the damage and selfheals as Windwalker, their shield as Brewmaster and Invoke Xuen for either spec you won't find a better class to solo old contend.

    Look up the monk solo thread on the forum. I'm sure you'll find a lot of inspiration, including a monk who's oneshotting Bloodlord Mandokir. Good luck

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    Dread Knight - Damian Marley's DK

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    Account is reactivated and I went Paladin (going prot). Too many nerfs for Hunters in the next patch (which was what my friend was talking about), and he has been BM since Burning Crusade and he said every time an expansion comes out, BM hunters (and hunters in general) are amazing...but get nerfed hard after a couple/few patches and then barely anyone plays hunters. So I'm gonna avoid them. Unless he is wrong, but that seems what others say too on various forums (including the hunter sub-section here).

    In any case, if you have another recommendation thats better than Paladin...that isn't a DK...feel free to reply I have one use level 80 that I can do, so its either Paladin or something else.
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