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  • Pandaren

    10 33.33%
  • Draenei

    12 40.00%
  • Dwarf

    8 26.67%
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    Shaman: which class?

    Which race would you take as a shaman?
    Mainly I'd play alliance, so, dwarf / draenei / pandaren?
    For PvP, of course
    And say why you've chosen that option !
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    You mean race?

    Pandaren, just for looks

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    Well you cant use the food buffs pandarians have in arenas, but draenei have Gift of the Naaru which is off the GCD and 1% hit.

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    Shaman is the class.

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    I love draenei for the looks.
    Dwarven is a good pick for Enhancement, though.
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    drain eye. for alli. more hit. a massive 25% heal over 10 seconds. and they look awesome.

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    Between the sacred silence and sleep
    Dwarf ffs, this can't even be a question.
    Pandaren second choice.
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    Take Draenei if you want the best pvp taunt in the game. Otherwise, Dwarf

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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    ive race changed all 3 & imo it has to be a panda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiritvs View Post
    You mean race?

    Pandaren, just for looks
    Yep, race, edited Thanks

    For all the guys who didn't have said why they prefer a race rather than another one, post your opinions!
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    Dwarf for Lore
    Space-squid for Bad-assery
    Panda for.... no idea why ANYONE is a Panda...

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    Regarding next patch: _DWARF_.
    A lot of heavy burst is toned down, but ferals are untouched.

    1. Ferals will most likely be top notch melee and therefore showing in the latters alot.

    2. Also Shamans SV while being trained and silenced will be fataly nerfed, so melee cleaves with paladin healers should be aiming for pretty solid kills on you. feral/shadow/hpally will be so freaking bad. huge damage, offensive and defensive dispells from the spriest + offensive gameplay from the pally.

    3. Kittycleave is one of the setups a rshammy will be fearing even when playing with heavy mls peels.

    => dwarf.
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    I have a Goblin, maby not the best racial for pvp but they look awesome. Oh alliance only, well go dwarf.

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    dwarf is the best because of stoneform hands down, for horde orc would be really good for reduced stun duration + on use

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