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    PC game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics

    I've been craving a good game to play lately, and for some reason I can't get FFT out of my head. (Amazing story, great combat system, memorable characters, dat job system)

    I'm hoping there is a PC game similar to FFT that I could buy, especially right now with the steam autumn sale going on. Please post any suggestions here, I'll do some research and hopefully find a game to entertain me for a while.

    ((Also, I'm not interested in emulation of any kind.))

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    I absolutely love the King's Bounty series. While it is not exactly like FFT, it has a good tactical feel to it, and is very strategic with what units you choose to take, where you move and what would be the best unit to attack first.

    Like I said, it's not exactly like FFT in some aspects (for example: there's no jobs, just different units you buy/bring into battle), but would definitely warrant looking into if you like the tactical and strategic gameplay.

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    There is the Front Mission series. I've only played 3 and 4 on the PS and PS2, but there are newer ones on mobile phones. You can probably emulate them on a PC as well.


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    PC don't really have too much good tactical RPG's.
    New UFO is quite good, Fallout tactics is ok and ofc Jagged Alliance is old old gem.
    Try those and if you don't like then you are probably better off getting some playstation emulator as playstation 1/2/3 are swarming with JRPG's so there should be plenty of tactic based ones.

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    If you end up going the non PC route, I would suggest any of the Disgaea series (PS2, PS3, PSP). Feels alot like FFT with alot more to do.

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    Have you tried the new XCOM already? It's sci-fi, but it is a tactical RPG like FFT and iirc it is on sale on Steam.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Looking into XCOM and King's Bounty.

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