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    There is rampant discrimination against men when it comes to parental custodial rights (at least in the US).

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    You can get arrested for pretty much anything. They don't even have to charge you with a crime for 48 hours.
    Sure, but those making the arrest need something to stand on to make that arrest, even if you aren't informed of it immediately.
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    There's a difference between a plain old asshole and getting someone arrested for something they didn't do. I don't know any other ways to get someone arrested just by filing a police report.
    The man was not arrested he was called in for questioning while the claim was being investigated, the lady was later charged with a bond set at $2,000.

    Instead of just pointing out the places where men are treated unfairly why not try to look why they are treated unfairly, without playing the blame game too much.

    Look at domestic violence, why is it that men are seen as the guilty party more often than women are? Is it because they are more violent on because they do it more? I was reading the wiki on Warren Farrell and it made me think about domestic violence he stated that he believed it was more equally done between men and women. My first reaction was to say "No men do it more" but as I thought about it is that really true? Women report it more but is that because men do it more or is it because men just report it less? In society men are seen as the aggressors and women as the passives so it can be shaming for a man to have to admit that a woman is abusing him. Then we have the teachings of boys should not hit girls (I am a firm believer of keep your hands to yourself) which leads to men accepting a woman hitting them and not being able to do anything which helps enables female abusers to continue.

    So men have this double whammy of having to be a "man" therefore not reporting the abuse and not being able to fully defend themselves because they are taught not to hit a woman. So these factors lead to men being seen as primarily the abusers and women been seen as the abused in most cases. The laws are then made to protect the people that are being abused the most. Even if the laws are changed that still will not solve the main problem with how men and women are viewed in society.

    The same goes for cases of statutory rape, we still see it as not that bad when it happens to boys because they are seen as more focused on sex. That they are the persuers of the older women and have somehow seduced the older women. When it comes to girls we see it as they have been deceived by the older man and that they the older has managed to play on the weakness of the girl. We still go off of the belief that all girls are not as focused on sex as boys are at the age.

    It is easy to point out "where" the unfair treatment happens but the "why" is harder to pin down and even harder to fix. We can change laws but until you set out to change the mindsets of people the laws will still be enforced in an unfair way.

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