I've started using ElvUI and I'm loving it so far, it provides mirror functionality for many of the addons I used but with the advantage of being integrated into one addon. One problem I've had so far is using the Aura Bars to replace Need to Know; That is, whitelisting enemy debuffs and my self buffs. Currently I have friendly targets displaying debuff icons with buff bars and enemy targets displaying buff icons with debuff bars. I know I can blacklist a buff my shift right clicking it, but I was hoping that there's a reverse way to do this, so that instead of shift right clicking every buff/debuff I don't want to see in my bars I can just list the buffs and debuffs I want to see only. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me make heads or tales of the filters to manually edit in my spells: the whitelist filter has a white and black list subsection as does the blacklist filter and the PlayerBuffs section has a blacklist and whitelist section filled with what seems every spell in the game already. Anybody know how to do this, if I can?