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    Looking for an add-on for target of target

    I am looking for an add-on for target of target that will show stacks of debuffs for tanking. WoW interface doesn't show this, and you have to read chat so see stacks. Anyone know of an add-on that will do this?

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    Don't know of an addon, the only solution is to keep a focus macro on your bars so you can update your focus, focus does show debuffs etc, not sure why you shouldnt be able to see stacks on targets of target :S

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    they are too small, and even when I mouse over them it doesnt show me how many stacks.

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    Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0
    Satrina Buff Frames

    There's probably more, but I know of these two.

    Both require some time to set up, especially Pitbull since it's all the unit frames, with buffs displayed just being one of the features.

    Setting up just showing a debuff in Satrina is actually fast, but requires some knowledge of using the addon.

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    You can use Raven too if you don't like to change Unit Frames

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    My favorite unit frames have always been shadowed unit frames, for a unit frame addon... very customizeable, pretty easy to learn.

    I'll second the recommendation on Raven, it's a good buff addon and could probably do what you want if all you care about are buffs/debuffs on your target of target.

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