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    Hey guys, help me win a new headset for Christmas!

    Hello there peeps! I read the rules and i didn't find anything agaisnt this so here goes: There is this contest hosted by ASUS here in Portugal that gives the top 2 people with most votes in this APP 2 awesome headsets, and i really really wanted to earn this one gift for myself this Christmas! This contest ends in 3 days, i just want to make sure that i can win!

    So here goes, you gotta go to snip (It's in a foreign language but i got your back) press "VOTAR", go to the search bar and search for my name, you can copy it from here snip, and then press "votar" on my sentence, and that's it! Takes about 1 min and it would be a great help!

    Thanks in advance for the help guys, and all the help i can get is super welcome! Thanks again <3
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