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    MoveAnything Raid Boss Health Bar1-4

    Using MoveAnything, no matter how many times I try, I cannot get the moved position of Raid Boss Health Bar1-4 to stick. They always go right back to where they were, even though the mover shows them as moved.

    Is there a hidden parent frame that needs to be moved instead? Or perhaps some other Addon (DBM?) also attempts to control the same bars?

    Anyone have a clue is there's a way to get around this issue? I've got no problem editing LUA code if needed.


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    I've had quite some trouble with having MoveAnything stick in quite some cases as well. Try SmartFrameMover if you don't mind adding another addon to your list, really straightforward small addition that can move the most common UI elements with a simple list of options. It has worked without problem for me so far.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. SmartFrameMover appears to allow control of the Raid Boss Health Bar1-4, but in practice all it did was kill the text on the bar so it was now a completely useless blob on my screen. Argh!

    Removing SmartFrameMover, restored the text, but now I'm back where I started.

    Anyone else have ideas?

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    I use MA for those boss frames and I havent had any problems. I just found them, moved them and scaled them up. Odd.

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    Crud. Maybe I can search through my addons to find any that make reference to those frames. Grrr.

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