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    DK dps simulator

    So what Sims are people currently using? And would anyone care to share a link?

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    I would imagine http://simulationcraft.org/ would be it.

    I find it confusing, I guess. I have problems with CharDev if anyone has some tips/insight. I can't ever get it to import.
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    Chardev isn't completely updated atm, so it's probably an idea to just manually set the gear via simcraft (takes longer, but works), or use any of the other import options simcraft has.

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    Only problem I found with Chardev is that it doesnt know the Relic of Xuen, which makes the entire thing useless.

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    You can use askmrrobot.com to select pieces of gear, adjust the stat weights you'd like to test, and then hit export -> SimulationCraft File. Copy paste the stuff from there into the simcraft "Simulation" tab.

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    Ah good tip! Thanks for that
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