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    World of Wacraft in 2001

    A user from Reddit scanned the very first look at Wow, back from a magazine in 2001. Worth the read.
    Heres the link: http://imgur.com/a/jj3m7

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    Old news (been posted a few times here), but fun to read anyway

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    Yeah, it's not the first time this is posted, but the scary bit is when you realise alot of the art, even some of the character models and rigs are over..OVER 10 years old...

    Most races were redone from alpha>beta>release, but not all of it ;D

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    so many feels

    really wish i would have been around for the original. so much awesomeness and i would have had the old world longer. ugh, so wish they would not have changed it >.<

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    Feels like forever ago, haha.

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    i remember back around the time that frozen throne was released, blizzard released some kind of downloadable wow beta that would run off the WC3 engine or whatever.
    i cannot remember the specifics, was so long ago, but at the time i enjoyed wc3 too much to convert my shit to the wow beta.

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    Ah, back when the MMO genre still had the heart and drive to develop games that would thrive for years.

    How I miss you.
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