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    multi-monitor question

    Comp: i7 proc, 850watt ps 6gb ram

    I have a 27 monitor at 2650X1440 60hz for main gaming monitor and a 22 inch monitor for web/streaming. I Currently have a 560ti running both monitors but im seeing lag in sha and elegon.

    Some research suggests I should split the monitors to 2 cards so i can have the 560ti dedicated for the 27" and another card to run the secondary given the higher resolution demands.

    Does anyone have any experience switching between running a single to multiple cards? Will I see improvement? or is the card already high enough quality that it will not matter?

    Only concerned with raid performance i know that the card will run wow in most normal applications.

    P.S. already planning to add another 6 gb ram (triple parity board) and move up to a 660ti, still wondering about dual vs single card performance.

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    Is the lag you're seeing due to FPS drop or latency increase? I'm not sure how much bandwidth streaming takes but that may be the issue. I've been running 2 23" monitors with my old GTX 460 without any problems.

    As for a dual card setup goes, you might see a performance increase if FPS is your issue, but I don't have first hand experience with 2 cards in one system.

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    Dual monitor doesn't affect your performance than a single monitor would, you don't need a second GPU, it would just be a waste of money for WoW.

    You'll be better off with the 660ti due to the amount of games not utilizing SLI properly.
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    That sounds like an issue I was having a week ago. I would play WoW, or GW2, or any other MMO in fullscreen and play a movie or show in vlc, and wmp and it would lag my second monitor. If that sounds like your issue, I fixed it by overclocking my CPU.

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