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    Mine was probably this. me and my sister play the piano. At the time it happened I was 8 and my sister was 12. We were working on our first duet. My sister dose not like practising so when I needed to pick which part of the duet I picked the hard part. There were two pages for both of us (not all together) and when she was on the second page and I could play the whole thing memorized. (not her part) She looked like she needed help so I told her 1 of the notes. I had the treble clef and she the bass clef and I forgot and thought she had treble clef like me so I said it was an f. It was an a and when she played it it sounded horrible because of it so I laughed, and she got mad. She figured it out and mad fun of me for getting the wrong note. I felt like crawling in a whole. I am usually better in treble clef and did not know it was bass clef so I told my mom. She plays the violin and she plays only in treble so she said it was bass and that she did not know the note. That was probably my most embarrassing moment of my life.
    Dont take this the wrong way you sound like a nice person but....... you need to get out more :P

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    Did you go to the Bronx High School of Science?
    Nope, not anywhere close. :/

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    Neco'd thread 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    I walked out into P.E in my underwear without noticing. Completely forgot to put my shorts on.

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    1. getting caught fapping age 12 by my mother...
    2. getting caught fapping by my best m8 age 32....
    3. this >> In hospital having a catheter put into my bladder via my manhood.
    4. 7 days later in the hospital having the very funny wise cracking nurse shoving her finger up my ass coz hadnt crapped for a week....
    5. boning my gf age 17 when her mother walks in her room sits on the edge of the bed and sez "dont mind me im just choosing a mix tape" you have never lost a boner soooo fucking fast....
    6. At a works party where everyone is pretty wasted and im REALLY wasted, hot quiet girl comes up to me and sez "hey wanna crash at my house? " im like "WOOP WOOP" in my head and say sure that would be great, only to find her parents in the next room and i get friendzoned to the floor, in the morning the floor is soaking wet and hot quiet girl is still sleeping, i knew she had left me a pint glass of water next to me, so i turn round to look at the glass and see its still full..........and ive got wet boxers, i hastily knock over the water which was good on my part as 5 mins later she wakes up puts her feet out of bed and goes "eeewwwww why is the floor all wet ?" and see's my knocked over glass....... close call my friends close call :P

    i got many more and i might divulge more if the thread keeps momentum.

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    My dad walking in on me and my highschool boyfriend. Also how my parents found out i was gay. That was fun barely tops my ripped my pants at school when i was 15 and i mean rip rip not a small hole but a entire ass is showing rip.

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    Winter '93/'94 during my first year of high school. (That long ago...ouch.) We'd had a really bad period of weather for a bit. We'd get a bunch of snow, it would melt a little, freeze up, snow several inches on top, melt a little, freeze up, snow on top of that... We ended up with layers of snow and really thick ice.

    My high school was on the larger side and a lot of buses wrapped half way around the school at the end of the day. Naturally my bus was often parked beyond a wide grassy area. Which was now the Evil Deathtrap of Ice.

    Oh, and there was also a bit of a slope to one part that I didn't really have much option but to have to try to navigate. I should point out that, still to this day, my balance on ice really sucks. And in a heavy school backpack and that's just asking for it.

    Soooo you can probably see this coming and needless to say I did not make it very far. Tried to get past that slope and took nice hard fall on that ice, bad enough to break my glasses - and oh yeah, this was right in front of all these other buses and students pouring out of those side doors of the school.

    I suppose I should say I am grateful that this was a fairly decent school and it actually didn't garner too much reaction. Maybe most were just focused on getting to their own ride. But it was still embarrassing as hell, esp as I was not a kid that really wanted to attract too much attention to myself and least of all like that!

    I did overhear one kid standing in his bus' doorway comment hey that kid fell, and for quite a while I thought he was making fun of me, but maybe he was only trying to point it out... not that he offered to help pick me (and my stuff) back up. Hell even a kid from my own bus thought he'd just keep on walking past. Yeah thanks jackass. I'd expect that out of some "popular" kid too cool to lend a hand to someone, but that one...pheh, whatever, see if I ever help you.

    Part two: (Yes, there is one. >.> ) Fortunately I had a second pair of frames put away and grabbed those when I got home. My mother and younger sister were in the backyard. The upper end of our backyard has a bit of a slope to it and my sister was playing with one of those round plastic saucer things. I went out to share my embarrassing story of what had just happened and that my original pair of glasses were broken.

    At some point after telling this tale, for some god forsaken unknown reason I had the thought of having fun with my sister. Red flags? Nah...those don't exist at that age, do they? Yup, I immediately fell. Again. Broke the second pair of frames I hardly even got to wear. I fell hard enough on that thick ice that my cheekbone punched a large dent into it!

    As if all that wasn't bad enough, it left me with a little bit of a black eye I'd have to continue to explain later.

    The only upside that came out of it was it finally encouraged my parents to let me finally switch to wire frame glasses.

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    There's so many stories.. no chance in hell I would share the worst ones though, hardly anyone in this world knows the worst ones. I'd like to keep it that way ^_^
    Also I get embarrassed very easily, not just on behalf of myself, But by others as well.

    - I remember on a school trip, I sat next to our teacher on the buss. I fell asleep onto her basically, woke up and called her mom to make it even better.
    - Once as a kid I peed my pants on a train right before we where at our destination, right there for all to see. There was no time to change or anything, and I had to walk there ashamed with my wet pants. Absolutely one of the most horrible experiences I have had.
    - When I got my first Visa, I had to ask at the store how I used it.. And to me, just asking a question is embarrassing enough. So yeah..
    I guess I knew how to, I just wasn't confident enough I was right. And asking beforehand and looking like a fool was better than to look like a fool after having failed with such a trivial task.

    Oh, and as a shy awkward person that get's easily embarrassed. Getting a haircut is one of the worst things ever.

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    1) Around 3rd grade, field trip to the court house for some reason. The room was near dead silent and I had to fart, I tried to rip it silently but the exact opposite happened. It actually echoed in that near sound proof room and my butt cheeks actually vibrated the wooden bench, tried to blame it on the kid next to me.

    2) About 10 years ago when I had my first place of my own, had a girl over and we were watching TV, she was clear across the room on the other couch laid out relaxing and, again, I had to fart. This on was silent just as planned but it was deadly as well. I had my butt aimed the opposite way but the smell boomeranged and went right to her and down the hallway, it actually put her into the fetal position and was bad enough it made MY nose burn. What made it worse, I apologized and all and about 10 minutes I went to go pee, when I walked down the hallway, the smell was still there down the hall. From that point on, anytime we went somewhere or she was over and a bad smell hit, she looked at me and asked if I farted and kinda laughed till she turned two-faced later on 2 years later.

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    Then there's the jerks who try to embarrass you. Reading this thread reminded me that I'd accidentally farted once in first grade. oh no. the horror. Yeah embarrassing at the time, but we were what, six? Stuff happens.

    Then in a 9th grade class a girl who'd been in that 1st grade class with me decided to call me over and ask me in front of her little clique if I remembered it. Little wench thinking it might be great to embarrass me over it again? Hopefully I succeeded in letting her look like the weird who was one remembering that by acting like I hadn't a clue what she was talking about.

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