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    Say two things with the same macro

    So, I want to use a macro to say separate things with separate presses.

    More specifically, this is what I wish to do.

    When I use Flying Serpent Kick, initially I want to say, "Angry crow takes flight!"
    Then, when I wish to perform the second part by pressing the button again I want to say, "Monkey lands on mountaintop!"

    I guess I'm just wondering if this is possible, and if it is, how would I do it?

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    You will need two buttons for that.

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    /cast Flying Serpent Kick
    /say "Angry crow takes flight"

    same for other spell.

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    Can't use conditionals with /s, /y, /me, /1, etc. It's rather unfortunate, really.

    However, if you were willing to learn some LUA and coding stuff, you could probably make a fairly simple addon to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiParagon View Post
    /cast Flying Serpent Kick
    /say "Angry crow takes flight"

    same for other spell.
    He wanted to do it with one macro, as you cast Flying serpent kick and cast it again to land.

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    /cast [btn:1] Flying Serpent Kick
    /say [btn:1] Angry crow takes flight!
    /cast [btn:2] Flying Serpent Kick
    /say [btn:2] Monkey lands on mountaintop!

    This macro will work with your left and right click. That is probably the closest you will get. :P

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    Try this:

    /cast Flying Serpent Kick
    /run local m={"Angry crow takes flight!","Monkey lands on mountaintop!"} if ixc==nil or ixc>=#m then ixc=1 else ixc=ixc+1 end SendChatMessage(m[ixc],"SAY")
    Spamming the macro or only using the first effect without triggering the landing may cause the messages to get out of sync, but you can reset it by either
    /run ixc=nil
    /run ixc=99 (or any high number)

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    /run if GetSpellCooldown("Rebuke") == 0 then SendChatMessage("TestA ","SAY") else SendChatMessage("TestB ","SAY") end
    /cast Spellname

    replace testA and testB with the message you want to send. "testB" is spammable, testA will only be said when you are able to cast your spell of choice.

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