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    Quote Originally Posted by capitano666 View Post
    There is a middle ground between that and this.
    Most anorexics look nothing like the pic you posted. That's a very extreme case.

    Your argument is akin to saying "you don't have leprosy, you just had an ear fall off. Here's a guy who had his legs fall off. THAT'S leprosy." It doesn't make sense.

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    Human ladies have some of the best proportions in game when it comes to humanoid character models, in my opinion, along with male Blood Elves.

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    it's best never to comment or dwell on their weight lest they get game women...right... meh personally they're too skinny in WoW, most females in the game seem to be either anorexic stick figures with breasts or are never played.. this point it's almost guaranteed that "war in warcraft" is garrosh getting on his incompetent podium to declare yet another group his enemy for the crime of breathing his air, alliance saying this is horde favoritism, and the more....special....yes.. let's go with special... horde players seeing garrosh as a god because he lets them attack the alliance players who keep saying that out being led by a moron is horde favoritism.

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    Let's keep the dead threads dead, please.

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