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    <DoA> of Turalyon (A), 10 mans

    <Doa> of Turalyon (Alliance) is currently recruiting for our core 10m raid. We are MGV 6/6 normal 1/6 HM, HOF 2/6 and progressing fast. Join us as we grow!

    1 Ranged Dps
    Elemental Shaman

    1 Melee Dps

    1 Healers

    Non druid

    For more information visit our website:
    doa-guild.wowstead Check out the recruitment section.
    Whisper Thrize, Xealer, or Wølfley (Phanimal#2109 -battletag id) in game if you have any questions.

    <DoA> is a new guild on Turalyon. We have two main targets, in order.

    1. Be a dominating force come MoP in 10 man raid content.
    2. Acquire gamers of all types that want to have a sense of community.

    This leads us to having two different approaches to recruitment. At the end of WotLK and start of Cata we ran a raid only guild, and while it was enjoyable and successful, we want something more.

    -Anybody with a great attitude that knows how to have fun will be allowed into the guild (no drama). I am looking for someone who is interested in running a more casual raid group, and I will help with every aspect of putting it together. This raid group is for the more casual raid community within the guild.

    -Then there is the 10 man raid group that desires only to progress through hard mode content. This isn't a group to get your hand held. You play your class right, pull your own weight and you'll be fine. As mentioned, we want to be the best, and are looking for the best players to join us. It will not be easy to become a part of this group, but if you make it, our success will far outweigh everything else. This is the raid group that I will be organizing. I will consider all applicants equally.

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