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    PVP Frost

    Hey didn't see any threads on page 1 about frost pvp, wondering for some basic info on it if anyone that pvp's seriously has any tips/tricks/advice/macro's etc that they find useful.

    I havent looked on Noxxic or EJ etc yet, I'm about to, but just wondering if anyone has anything they'd like to share that could help me out, that would be great. Just completed my pvp set today since I've been focused on pve lately, thanks

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    I tried a thread like that, that's how it ended
    You should go a few forum pages back - there were really a few threads about frost pvp. And if you have pvp honor gear, you should already have the baseline of it, don't you?

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    First thing I notice, is I'd probably swap out Purgatory with Lichbourne. It could potentially save you from waste your trinket, and if no healers are around Purgatory isn't gonna do much anyway. I also like Plague Leech over Unholy Blight just because I can use it for gain a rune right as something is about to die, can help with reapplying or even popping a well-timed Death Strike.

    For combat, it's remembering your skills vs specific opponents. I absolutely love our 2pc against Mages, if you can trick one into Frost Nova, use Death Grip, Blink, Death Grip again. With how many people have fears and charms now, that's why I suggest Lichbourne. Plus, Death Coil healing you is nice

    We have nice burst with CDs available, and can really put pressure on people very quickly. Just don't forget Necrotic Strike when applicable; it can be the difference between killing a healer and giving them enough time to get reinforcements to pick you off.

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    It's hard to adjust to sustained damaged and little burst buttons.

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    hey sword if you want i have pvp frost macros

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