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    Never really was one, aside from complete boredom.
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    I'll get on my alts if I just get tired of playing on my druid. There's something about seeing the gold surround me when I ding... But yeah, I'd call myself an altaholic.
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    Never been an altoholic even got 1 90 only lol

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    Resto/Guardian Druid main

    Prot/Arms Warrior alt

    then a bunch of 85 profession alts that I'll never touch again due to how meh leveling gets after Jade Forest. MoH drops seem to be better than release week but still can't be arsed to level them.

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    2 90s
    1 88
    8 87s

    My answer to altoholism was: make 1 of every class, stick to 1 faction, race change if I really aren't enjoying the race anymore (had to do maybe 3 of these so far). Made the process far less painful.

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    Well i do play my alts still, but not as much compared to other expansions. Doing the dailies only on my main.

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    Well not at the moment, I might do more alts when they gain flying earlier, but for now I'm not rushing it. Normally I would have had 4-5 max toons by now, at the moment I am at 2 and feel no urge to do another yet.

    Not doing rep grinds anyway really on main so even less on alts, that won't be a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post

    I just find it weird that everyone has a main and I don't. Feel like an idiot when people ask me what is my main and I say don't have one.
    Does everyone? Yes, I technically have a main (which I changed again just now fpor MoP) - but as any x-pac progresses I dedicate more time to my alts and neglect the main until I feel like switching again....

    Will soon start levelling my alts...

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    Not only do I have an 85+ of every class, but I continually roll and delete characters all the time. Or I'll get one to a specific level that I enjoy, and twink them (for PvE). I have 4 accounts now, started up my fourth with MoP's release, to hold all of my characters. I only play on one server, btw.

    As far as my 85+'s go, I bounce around all the time. Just depends on what I feel like playing. That's the great thing about having alts, if I get bored of one character or class, I can just go play another :-)

    90s: Warlock, Paladin, Death Knight, Hunter, Shaman, Priest

    86+: Druid (86), Mage (89)

    85: Rogue, Monk, Warrior
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    My problem is that one fun spec is no longer sufficient to keep my interest, I require a class where I can really enjoy at least 2 of the 3 available specs. If I'm primarily a healer and satisfied with it, I also need to be satisfied with 1 other spec in the same way. Respeccing to a dps spec that I hate to do dailies is impossible for me.

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    The concept of having a "main" is something that basically dates from the first and second generations of MMO gaming. You had to pick one toon because so much stuff in a game was so extremely inaccessible, gated and almost a life task. Also, back when raiding was an extremely rigid thing, you probably wouldn't light-mindedly "reset" your whole "career" in a raid guild and hamper their progress by switching to another toon or jumping back and forth.

    That kind of stuff is almost a non-issue in modern day online gaming, so I guess there isn't really a "good" reason for having a strict main character except for being especially attached to him for some reason. Or perhaps being able to play him on an exceptional level of prowess that you would never reach on another character.
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    I have 3 90s. Initially I was super psyched about playing my Rogue so he was the first out of the gate trotting to 90 in 2 days(would have been much sooner but I had a non reschedulable appointment on launch day.) Scaling was terrible, horrendous(less damage than I did at 85) output until I was almost full epics which brought me up to acceptable levels. I'd rather not even discuss PvP, but I can still give a decent player a run for their money. The lack of attention to Rogues (historically and currently) makes me really rethink maining one but I still really enjoy the gameplay and vibe.

    Next was my Warrior because he's my herber. HUGE profit in the first weeks from herbs/inks/flasks. Even though they're "OP" I'm terrible at Warrior PvP.

    Next was my long time main of 4 years, Mage. After spending The entirety of Dragon Soul/leveling/Panda-land as a Melee I can't stand casting. I feel so...slow. I'm sure it has to do with the gear level/immersion factor from playing melee with 0 cast bars for so long.

    Currently working on my Paladin, he was my first toon I ever made. He's been Alliance, Horde, Human, Dwarf, and now Blood Elf.

    I'm sure over the coming months I'll get my Druid, Shaman, and Monk at the least to 90 and open the farm up. Only time will tell. NOMOREDAILIESPLS^_^

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    I usually play one toon for a couple months til it gets too boring, then I'll level something else and get a fresh perspective. It's almost a different game going from a Warrior to a Warlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    If you mean do I play my alts? Yes, I do, but not to the degree I did back in cata, I just honestly cant be f'd to do the reps all over again.
    This. And I play more other games than I did during DS. Levelled like 6 85s during T13, have 2 90s and only actually play one of them(my Brewmaster/Windwalker)

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    If raiding is something interesting/hard to your or for some reason you can't raid, it's perfectly normal for you enjoying more than 1 toon. I have some in-game friends that do not raid for different reasons and they exactly the same as you do. They already have 4-5 toons at max level, doing a lil bit of everything with every char.

    It's not something crazy/bad/you have to apologize for. Enjoy the game :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    I have almost done them to the point of memorizing them.
    Obviously it's an awesome feeling the first time you do a quest, but I also enjoy that I know exactly what to do/where to go on a quest, usually that takes 3+ characters to get to that point, I don't think it's boring I think it's fun since you can do the quests much faster

    ALWAYS an altoholic and I like it

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    I'm an altoholic. I swore in Mop I would only have one. My monk wins way more than my druid in Lfr lol. At some point 10 man raiding will drop gear my main can use >.< Blood Spirits FTl. Anyway leveling my dwarf paly atm. He doesn't count towards my 1 alt. He's alliance

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    Got a Priest Main, i raid with her on our guild run..
    Its the class i like the most, but outside of raiding she is done (cept for rep/dailies which i dont do).

    Got 2 other 90's i like to play with, H.Pally and a R.Druid, i log them more than my priest atm due to being in the gearing process and the druid being my Gatherer (Mine/Herb) and even planning on getting Fishing done next to getting him raid ready as well.

    Got 2 lvl 85 of which i just log to do a dungeon when im bored (DK tank and Mage) and to do my tillers farm, and got back to my R.Shaman (33 atm) which is on her way to 90.

    Am i an altoholic ? dunno..
    Well now that i think of it, i might just be one

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    Not really. My mage have been my main for quite a long time (since the very beginning) but I do like to play on my alts now and then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    If you mean do I play my alts? Yes, I do, but not to the degree I did back in cata, I just honestly cant be f'd to do the reps all over again.
    I personally look at the end game grind now and think "oh, f**k that". It was fine when I had one main, and even enjoyable back in BC. But now? with 10 toons I have levelled? I look at them and think, "meh, sod it", and instead find myself turning WoW off.

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