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    DELL XPS L521X - marriage or a car crash?

    What about this one then? Anyone have it? I've been reading some stuff online about wifi issues and throttling/overheating during gaming, that may have been solved / be about to be solved by BIOS updates. Anyone know if the issues have been sorted yet? Basically I need a laptop good for gaming and the office.

    Here's a sample review:


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    That is extremely overpriced and underpowered even for general gaming. Office wise its insanely overpriced.


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    Not sure what you mean by "general gaming" but I run WoW & Diablo 3 on ultra on its predecessor no problem.

    It may be over-priced. But find me, in your view, a decent-specced gaming laptop that doesn't look like a thinkpad on steroids. It's not so easy.

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    Wow on ultra with atleast 45 FPS at what resolution?


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    My partner has this laptop and it's pretty damn nice though she got it second hand and cheap she gets an avg fps of 45-50 in wow ultra bar the shadows...

    ahhh after looking this has slightly higher spec, she has the base model with the i5
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    1650 euro? omg for that price i can get the new asus laptop with the same speccs and swap buy a 258gb ssd and still have 400 euro's spare. (do note they were on sale over here the past week(s))

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