Spam que 3v3 all night when win traders are on until they reach 2200; then they sit that rating for 5 straight weeks while all the achievement whores push 2700+ just to get a 3 day suspension.

Yes; the players who barely can top 2000 ratings are now 2200 elite players not to mention the constant spammers outside ogrimmar and stormwind every day 24/7 selling 2400 ratings in rbg. Amazing how a few bucks can launch a 1600 rated player to 2400 in a matter of 2 hours. Pay to win right blizzard? Sadly this is still the only relevant mmo that is somewhat decent.

In the end; players will bitch and complain about blizzards failures ( ghostcrawler ) myself included but still play this game. Why because all the other games also suck.

Hopefully season 13 will be better.