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    Why not diablo 3 pet achieve?

    Hello, why didn't diablo 3 collectors edition pet in wow have an achievement with it, SC2:HoS will have an achievement with the pet
    To the mod who moved it, I'm talking about feat of strength in WoW
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    I've made this same question to the blues at official wow forum (EUrope), and got an answer like, it's a known bug, and there will be definetely a feat of streanght achievement. The problem is that it is not ready yet.

    I have wondered how much work can a FoS like this one give to the devs, specially since the Diablo3 game was release 6 months ago... MoP feat of strenght was there on day one, or even sooner for people who reserved the digital deluxe.

    It's unexplainable, to be honest.

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