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    Having issues generating rage in WW


    I recently bought a LoH skorn to try out WW after I saw some on diabloprogress top barb list, I have only tried MP1 and have no LoH gear except on a ring that just happened to have it, No issues with taking damage but I just can't seem to generate rage to keep WW up all the time. I've got animosity passive along with generate rage on hit in WW rune as well but the issue persists, Does anyone have any advice ? Should I have gone mighty weapon instead : ( ?
    Me: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/M...30/hero/512575

    Thanks in advance : )

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    They lowered the proc coefficients for tornadoes crit chance. (i.e. the tornadoes you spawn don't crit as often meaning you don't get fury as often)

    This means that you need heaps of crit to maintain fury and that your whirlwind attack needs to crit more. Attack speed matters more now as more attacks per second whirl winding = more fury. Skorn has such a slow attack that this is not the best weapon for the job really.

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    Yeah, ur missing a very importaint thing, your specc is totaly wrong!


    Use that specc.

    Explaining the specc:

    Bash with Instigation -fastest way to get fury to start whirwinding.
    Whirlwind with hurracane - you want to be able to move fast, to drop tornadoes, see sprint.
    Wrath of the berserker with Thrive on Chaos - You will be able to keep this buff up almost 100%, as long as u got ppl to hit.
    Sprint with run like the wind. Allowes you to drop tornadoes, this is where most of your dmg comes from, also gives u more attacks that crits, gives you more fury.
    Battle rage with Into the fray -Most importaint with this specc, allowes you to get fury back when critting, so u never run out of fury.
    War Cry with impunity -awesome for all barbs, unless silly gear

    Passives are up to you really, but i run Ruthless, Weapons Master and Animosity.

    Having a mighty weapon vs an axe/mace isnt that big of a deal, since the axe/mace gives crit chance, wich also helps with fury regen.

    Most ppl run WW specc with 2 1handers, with a high dps mainhand, with socket for crit dmg, and a offhand as a "stat stick" for life on hit and crit dmg.

    Also, you might wanna look into getting a belt with lifesteal too.
    Hope this helps!
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    Aside from your build, the problem is the weapon. Double tornado works on one handers because the tornadoes inherit damage from mainhand and ticks based on avg atk speed if i remember right. 1.0 speed is not good enough to keep up your rage unless you run into a screen full of mobs.

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    Righto I've gone ahead and made changes advised to my spec. Shall I replace rings with low str but crit chance and aspd then ? I think high str versions would cost me my kidneys...
    Oh and any more recommendations : )

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