Hey guys n girls, 'bout a year ago me and a few friends realized how much we despised Cata, so we wanted to get one last taste of the BC, and so we did, though we only cleared Kara cuz we were so few, and our server is quite Ghost-townish, so trying to recruit player to the guild was not an option, so we basically gave up.
But then, this summer, we started the guild again. This time we figured we would try to build a lvl 80 10 man team, as we could to the whole content on lvl 80 with 10 people. Though we only got through half of Naxx before shit started to happened and 5.0 launched, so people lost interest.
Though we want to bring back the guild, we just need a few people who want to do the whole lvl 80, and that are willing to level a new char on a new server, Executus - EU.