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    Best Mage Leveling Spec Post MoP

    I was wondering if anyone here has leveled a mage post mop and what there opinion on the fastest leveling spec is.

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    Frost, Fire and Arcane all have slows on their main filler spell (Frost by default, Fire and Arcane with glyphs).
    Frost has the best AOE damage once it learns Frozen Orb.
    Fire probably has the best AOE damage prior to then.

    Questing and pulling massive groups of mobs at a time is still the most efficient way of levelling.

    So basically, Fire until you learn Frozen Orb, then Frost.
    That said you are not going to see a huge difference in any spec, you can play all three and not really suffer at all.

    Mages are one of the easiest classes to level because they have a huge toolbox and most of those spells are baseline.

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    If you are on a pvp server, may I suggest frost. There's more pvp/mob management and control. When I leveled, people generally left me alone when seeing my elemental compared to when I was fire. Plus it's nice having freeze on your elemental to help with any packs.

    It's also fun as heck running circles around a pack when Frost orb is up and hitting ice lance.
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    Arcane is actually nice on low levels with the buffed mana regeneration. You don't get the mastery benefit from staying at high mana but you'll be able to keep the stacks high.

    It's also the nicest spec for low level dungeons as frost and fire don't get any good aoe/cleaves until pretty high level but arcane has its cleave on arcane barrage and it benefits from arcane explosion (which is the only aoe you get anyway until pretty high level).

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