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    So what do you guys understand under the term "exceptional" and "skilled"?

    Lately, I've seen more and more guilds spamming trade chat in recruitment with the term "skilled" and "exceptional".

    "<x guild> 4/6N MSV 1/6N HoF is looking for an exceptional and skilled DPS and healer for our core team. PST for more info."

    This is what I think.
    1. If a player was really exceptional he would join a guild with atleast 2/6H or something
    2. If he was that skilled he wouldn't be in a guild that didn't even clear normal MSV, how long has MSV been out now?
    3. On let's say top 2 like Kazzak and Twisting Nether's progression have atleast around 60 guilds or more that have cleared 1/6H or better

    What do you guys think?
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    Well, just because someone is "skilled" or "exceptional", doesn't necessarily mean that they care that much about progression.
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    because ever kid and their grandma playing mop wants to get boosted by pros-

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    Gear is trival if you can have a decent playstyle and don't stand in fire as well as played for a few tiers I don't see how being slightly undergeared stepping into heroic would look down upon. I don't see it as getting boosted, the guild is simply gearing up, because you might be the player you're looking for and its worth their time.
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    Which one is more likely to find a good recruit?

    Option A: <x guild> 4/6N MSV 1/6N HoF is looking for an exceptionally awful DPS and healer for our core team, must use Aura Mastery on every Force and Verb, unseen strike and dread blossom. PST for more info.

    Option B: <x guild> 4/6N MSV 1/6N HoF is looking for an exceptional and skilled DPS and healer for our core team. PST for more info.
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    Nothing. It's a term that's thrown out by anybody and everybody these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephrius View Post
    1. If a player was really exceptional he would join a guild with atleast 2/6H or something
    2. If he was that skilled he wouldn't be in a guild that didn't even clear normal MSV, how long has MSV been out now?
    Sometimes very skilled people cannot make their guild's raid times due to real life schedule conflicts. Sometimes they missed a week because they were on holiday. Sometimes their main is locked but they have an available alt that is appropriate geared.

    I'm not saying that the average person you pull out of trade is going to be awesome, but exceptional players aren't always locked by virtue of being exceptional.
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    depends on the viewer, someone actually could be a good player and yet the person reviewing him thinks hes a terrible player

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    Most people just say it because they don't want to recruit bad players.

    But you're wrong on the part about there not being exceptional people in non-exceptional guilds. The best and most knowledgeable warrior I have ever met played in a very casual guild for a long time, because those were his friends.

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    It's the same as a job ad saying the company is looking for someone with "excellent communication skills". That's what they want. It's rarely what they get. Otherwise, unemployment would have been a hell of a lot higher right now.

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    Exceptional and skilled players can simply refer to someone who is punctual and reliable, learns mechanics quickly, and performs at an above-average throughput level. The exact "working definition" will change depending on who is using the terms.

    The terms are thrown around without holding as much weight as they should-- think of how much we use "awesome." "This is an awesome hotdog." No, it's not. I don't care how good that hotdog is, it does not inspire an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime.

    People who make guild or pug advertisements like that are just sprucing up their add to make their guild look better and to indicate that there is (probably) some level of exclusivity to invites (as in, they'll have to run a trial or fill out an app or armory you). They're just using words to hype themselves us like any advertisement.

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    It's all about dedication and attitude to my mind. These things are what ultimately determine whether a player can be successful (in a video game called World of Warcraft and basically in every other REAL LIFE sphere as well) or not.

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    For the most part, it's skilled and exceptional as considered by the recruiting party.

    For instance, if my guild recruited someone who had decent reaction times, min/maxed pretty well, was able to move out of aoes and fires, and was prepared and on time to raids, that person would be exceptional and skilled to the rest of my guild, because my guild on the whole is pretty unexceptional.

    So, a guild looking for exceptionally skilled players for their 4/6 MV and 1/6 HoF guild would probably consider any player who can actually play and understands their class "exceptional and skilled".

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    Being able to take even the hard raid-roles for said encounter. You need to kite? You need to do one hard mechanic (Clicking them cubes on Magtheridon ;P?), and so on.

    Overall, a guy that dosen't make many mistakes, and if he does - knows how to do better next time.
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    "an exceptional and skilled" == exceptionally skilled. There are very few exceptional human beings on this planet and I don't think they play wow (yes, you are not exceptional, my dear reader). Someone's just bad at wording things right.

    "Exceptionally skilled" means - your skill is above that of your peers.

    Since it's a recruitment ad - it's just BS - ignore it. Just say that you are exceptional and skilled. They can't check it. All they want is for you to perform on their level (which they find to be exceptional, yeah, silly people)

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    I think "exceptional" is overused word in recruitment ads and for me it means "you can top dps in LFR and know all the mechanics".

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    Skilled or Exceptional doesn't mean Top 100 us guild players to me.

    Nowadays exceptional just means pulling your own weight. Basically pulling good dps for your gear, not failing at mechanics on normal modes, healing well, or tanking properly. Sad to say that good players ARE the exception to the rule, thus exceptional.

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    I call them good tops, nobody can be exceptional or skilled at wow. You can stand out and do better than others, but you would still not be exceptionally good.
    Wow just takes nothing, it has an incredibly low skill cap compared to other games.

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    Exceptional and Skilled, I'd like to think that it's people who understand their class, strives to min-max, and aims high for progression.
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    When my team looks for a pug we usually use this:

    LF1M DPS Must have brains and be geared for the content.


    LF1M DPS Must have at least 4/6 MsV Experience. Be geared for content and bring along your brain.

    When we recruit for the guild.

    <Fade> Is recruiting for our raiding teams. Must bring along brain, gear and patience. /w for more info.

    Those that write looking for exceptional dps etc etc. Are just looking for people to boost them.

    When we raid we would rather bring along a person that can adapt to the fight and the team and maybe some other tactics he is used to than some guy that can pull insane dps but fail on every tactic.
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