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    Fel Flame and Pandemic


    I have a question about role of Fel Flame and Pandemic. At the moment im raiding with Destruction spec with plans on doing Affiliction as second raiding spec. I did some research on the web trying to find a clear and reliable answer for my problem. I did find many posts but they do not treat about warlock dot's as wide as i would like to. Still confused i decided to post a thread on mmo-champion.

    Every raid encounter i start from (lets assume 1 target at start):
    1. Prepot 2-3 sec before tank pulls the boss.
    2. Curse of elements.
    3. Pop DS:Instability.
    4. Immolate
    5. Conflagrate then 3xIncinerate
    6. Repeat 4&5 and recast Immolate before duration of Potion and DS (TW when popped at start) end or if i am lucky recast immolate with all my proc and throw some CB while still on potion&DS&TW buff.

    In short my goal at the start of the fight is to empower my Immolate as mutch as possible. Now here comes the confusing part. Please correct me if my understanding of fel flame / pandemic is wrong.

    Situation A Pandemic = REFRESH dot
    When i recast immolate Pandemic will overwrite previous one with Stat snapshot done at the cast of Immolate so ill swap max empowered dot for less empowered one (no DS/TW/potion/all proc at the same time) so its a major dps lose/decrease in BE gains (i know it BE gain wasnt an issue due to Pandemic bug but now it is fixed).

    Situation B Fel Flame = UPKEEP dot
    Im constantly increasing duration of that empowered dot with Fel Flame so i do not have to refresh it with one that has less Stat mod.

    Situation C Pandemic and Fel Flame mx
    In some part of the encounter i lose my dot. Then im reaplying it on the target and recasting it as soon as i see additional proc up or casting fel flame if i see the one ticking currently has bigger Stat mod. Repeating that untill i consider my current dot has max Stat mod possible and upkeeping it with Felflame

    I really do not understand why most warlock posts i read, comments say i should never use FF and always manualy recast the dot. In my understanding of dot mechanics FF is and awesome tool if one has high dot upkeep.

    Same goes for affi. I do not play it yet, but i read a lot. Here is a post from Icy Veins

    Link to the whole thread on Icy-Veins


    Zagam's analysis is correct. All DoTs will now correctly update, at the time of application, with a snapshot of your stats at that time.
    E.g. Corruption on target with NO buffs, has 10 secs left.
    Light of Cosmos procs.
    You reapply Corruption(Light of Cosmos buff).
    Corruption(Light of Cosmos buff) on target, has 24 seconds left.
    That will last until it falls off, or until you overwrite it with another Corruption.
    - If i cast FF will the extended duration of Corruption still with LoC buff? Why everyone is missing about FF?

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    What ?

    Everytime you refresh your dots, whether with Fel Flame or by casting the Dot, it takes your current stats. You can't roll your fully buffed dots during 10 minutes.

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    If you think you find something that nobody thought about it, the first thing is usually to verify your hypothesis... And in this case you could have tested it and avoid the trouble of making a long and useless thread :/


    1. A lot of warlock use felflame, as a dot refresher (after a proc) or as a filler while moving
    2. Felflame doesn't extend, it refreshes and adds 6s. You cannot extend a buffed dot infinitly that would be crazy OP and everybody would do that.
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    Fel Flame also only adds 2 ticks worth of time to the dot, so you'd have to spam it to get the time up reasonably, and that's a loss of DPS over just recasting dots and getting back to your filler. Fel Flame is designed to keep the dots rolling while you run from that thing you aren't supposed to be standing in.

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    Thanks for replies. 100% clear now.

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