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    That is my warlock and i have now tried diffrent reforgings and stuff and since as you can see i am on ilvl 484 equipped due to me having the wand in my bag and i dont realy want to use it since off the wand bug for demo and since its just a minor upgrade anyways due to it beeing the LFR version.
    I am reaching 84k with 10000 literations in a patchwerk style fight.
    Is that normal to reach or is it just me or is that low?
    Since i simcrafted a friend of mines feral druid with the same amount of literations and he has ilvl 485 and he ended up on 91k and i thought Demonology was ment to be simming better this tier than feral druids tho he has 2 pc t14 but i dont think having 2 pc 14 and 1 more ilvl should be makeing up this diff.

    I am trying to maximise my dps as much as possible for our progression. And since i dont realy know the stat prios atm and when people is saying diffrent stuff it is getting mind boggling for me so i have spent quite alot of gold to try out diffrent stat prios and this set of reforgings is the best i have gotten so far.
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    When I reforge for demo, I usually sim for around 87k(ilvl 488). So it seems about right, gear makes a difference, warlocks tend to scale better with gear then other classes later in tiers (4pc, bis-ish, etc). Though I used the wand on that sim so I don't think it would count the bug, so the actual DPS would not be the same most likely. We have very identical gear though , it's always best to do scale factors to figure out your own personal stat priorities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aumi View Post
    [..] and i thought Demonology was ment to be simming better this tier than feral druids [...]
    And how are you getting this conclusion? Any indications, reasoning, math?
    SimulationCraft may have it's own flaws and errors, but at least it's about 112k lines of code invested in trying to find a answer to such questions as to how much dps you're doing

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