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    raid 1 idea

    i've been wondering recently if it is actually possible to create a raid setup with a normal SATA SSD combined with a mSATA SSD. (assuming both drives have the same size aswell)
    thinking of this as some sort of backup idea for my ultrabook incase something were to happen to either drive (i know bit of doom and gloom thinking), i could just keep on working on the other drive untill other drive would be back from RMA. (yes im already making backups of files that is not the why, being able to keep using the laptop is the idea behind it)
    any ideas/input or is it just a bad idea?

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    most raid controllers don't care about the model of the drive, form factor of the drive, or size of the drive, as long as the first drive in the RAID sequence(when you are setting it up that is) is the smaller of the two.

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