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    MMO-Champ front page won't refresh

    I frequently hit the "home" button at work to get a new list of forum topics that I can browse, but for the past little while (maybe a week, maybe more?) when I hit that button, nothing gets refreshed. The time stamps stay the same as do the topics even if I hit f5 for page refresh, going to a new page and then re-directing myself back home. The only fix is if I completely close the window and retype the URL address of mmo champ. This doesn't happen 100% of the time however and I haven't been able to duplicate it on demand, but it happens a few times throughout the day. Same problem on my laptop and on both machines I use Chrome. Is there some kind of setting that is not allowing refresh or something?

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    I don't have a problem with that, works fine for me. I hit the home button and it loads every time as if it was a refresh.
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    Sounds like your browser caching it; try shift+f5 on chrome (or ctrl+f5 on other browsers) to refresh without cache.

    Also, if you're not logged in, the server caches the front page for 5 minutes, so threads in the recent posts list may be (slightly) old.

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    This happens to me quite often too. The blue tracker would update with new timestamps, but the Recent Topics timestamps would stay. Forcing a refresh doesn't work. I notice it is more likely to happen when MMO-C crashes with the "He's Dead, Jim" message.

    I just close and reopen chrome. Takes a few seconds at most, so it doesn't bother me.

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