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    Which piece should I upgrade?

    So, with the holidays coming up, I'm thinking of asking for a computer piece for Christmas. Unfortunately my parents basically said the trip I'm going on is going to be most of my present, but they'd spend 100-150 on whatever I wanted. The main reason I want to upgrade is my horrible fps in SWTOR. My graphics card is decent, so I think my lag is coming from my CPU or maybe RAM.

    Here's my specs

    ACPI x64 based PC

    Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.2 GHz

    Nvidia Geforce GT 520

    4 gb of RAM

    So, if you could help me figure out which area would be best to upgrade I'd really appreciate. Also, if you have any recommendations in the 100-150 dollar range that'd also be fantastic.

    oh and my power supply is 250W
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    Honestly there's nothing in $100-150 price range that would fix your computer in MMORPGs. You need both new graphics card and new processor+motherboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootandkill View Post
    My graphics card is decent
    not even remotly, as it is an office card and the most it can handle are 1080p youtube videos.

    Quote Originally Posted by vesseblah View Post
    You need both new graphics card and new processor+motherboard.
    and coming with these components there has to be new ram, cuz an e2200 uses ddr2 and a new psu, cuz that one wouldn't be powerfull enough.
    summing this up in 2 words: whole system
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