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    BF3 crashing

    Hello, I've been experiencing random crashes playing BF3 on a 5 month old computer. I have crashed and it displayed a windows error message, and unfortunately I haven't been able to screenshot the damn thing.

    Pc specs:
    amd fx-6100 at 3.9Ghz
    evga 550 ti (superclocked version)
    asrock 970 extreme motherboard
    Gskill 8gb ddr3 at 1333mhz
    1600x900 screen resolution
    530w psu

    temperatures at moment of freeze (once again haven't screenshotted it due freeze)
    Graphics card: 65c with fan speed at 55%
    cpu: 42c
    case: 27c with five case fans

    I was running BF3 on High settings with no ssao or hbao, and vertical sync on.

    Thank you ahead of time, and sorry for no screen shots of error or temps, if you need any other info, please contact me.
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    Have you overclocked your GPU? If so put it to stock or very close to and try it out.

    BF3 hates overclocked graphics cards. My stock is at 772Mhz and I found anything above 800Mhz makes BF3 crash very quickly.

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    I have the superclocked version of the 550ti, its running at 951mhz, instead of the normal base speed of 900. Should I try and turn it down?

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    got UPNP disabled for the router? (also known issue to cause bf3 to randomly crash)

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    I have since bf3 beta, used CCC overclock my gpu and without crashes...

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