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    embarrassing gaming related moments?

    okay to start it off ill tell you about a moment of mine.

    okay so it was the release date of legend of zelda skyward sword i bought the limited ediition so ive got my gold wiimote and i borrow my friends wii and its late at night and im going through the first dungeon.

    so im fighting ghirahim and im getting really into it and im all like screamin at the tv and slashing like a wild man and hes almost dead and i think im kickin ass and im awesome and i go to do a long slash and then i slip and break and then fall through my window in my boxers with a golden wiimote in my hand into the bushes O-O

    so whats your embarrassing gaming moments?
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    Doing Naxx 25 in the beginning of Wrath, had some pugs fill in which were from the top Horde guild of the server. So we take a bathroom break before pulling the slimes infront of the plague quarter, and before alt tabbing out, I accidentally hit my auto run key, and ran into the slime room, I heard everyone yelling like "WHO PULLED", so I tab back, and I'm dead in the middle of the room. Thankfully, I had a really good relationship with my guild, so no one was angry with me, they all kind of laughed at me though.

    Not exactly in game related, but, when I was about 7 or 8, I was taking a shower in my mom an dad's bathroom, which is linked with there bedroom, so while in the shower, I began singing the Jiggly Puff song from the Pokemon anime, for some reason I didn't think my parents could hear me over the running water. When I get out of the shower and left the bathroom, my parents began to clap for me.. I turned brick red. :<

    Also, streaming Amnesia...

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    I had just joined a raiding guild in vanilla, and they were working on progressing through AQ40.
    On my first night in the guild, at the Silithid Royalty in AQ40 (Lord Kri, Princess Yauj and Vem), I flagged my noob colors.
    We had killed off Kri and Yauj, and only Vem was left. The raid leader instructs everyone to "hug Vem, hug Vem, hug Vem" over vent.
    I had no idea what to do, so I litterally started spamming "/hug Vem" . I stayed with the guild for a couple of years, so they must've had a good sense of humor

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