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    I am the diva and the tank. So my hcs are always fast, with or without the group.

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    Only way to deal with people like that is to try and piss them off like no other has. You could also ignore the people who act like complete jackasses, but that's no fun because then you can't fuck with them haha. Troll the troll!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowaasr13 View Post
    Well then enjoy your language report and vote kick.
    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    Honestly, you seem to be the type of player most people dislike. Just reading your post and comparing it to others it just seems like you have a vendetta against anyone slowly your group down. You would rather be in a group of jerks all cursing/needing on everything possible if it allows you to be done faster.
    You seem to assume that I'M the one who insult tanks when they're slow. On the contrary, 99% of the time I shut up and let tank take his time. It's when someone says "go" and tank suddenly refuses to do shit when I get angry. I only care for the best of the group, and if the tank decide to fuck the whole group over because he got insulted in some way by 1 guy, instead of acctually just leaving and let us continue without interruptions, then I get angry.

    Perhaps I chose the wrong words when I say that "everyone is rude with anonymity", I would rather say that almost everyone is completely arrogant and "ME ME ME" in all kinds of pugs. Sometimes, that goes for me too, but it pisses me off, because I'm not there for a "righteous cause", I'm there to help my group complete whatever challenge we face. That doesn't mean I accept people being total asshats, but it's ridiculous when tanks throws a fit because someone told him to pull faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqua View Post
    ...There's a fine line between the wordy prick, and the one who takes charge and pulls everyone's head out their asses. So I give them one chance (wipe) before they go on my ignore list for the rest of eternity.

    The ones who say 'I HAVE TO GO SOON SO MOVE IT ME,ME,ME,ME,ME' are generally beyond hope. Screw them. Go at a reasonable pace and do things right or the raid will be eating the floor.
    They are so often kiddies who have their mummy yelling at them for dinner/bed/nappy change They should be treated with the contempt they deserve, generally putting them on ignore helps Also, often saying to them "whats up - your mummy yelling at you " does help to shut them up as that is their problem

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    whait what.. you READ chat in lfr?! Seriously go see a doctor, that shit can be dangerous to your mind man.

    as for lfd the content is so easy.. (trash is soloable by most classes), its quite understandable that a dps whould wonder why you are hesitating to pull. Just charge in. Is every1 else afk? fine trash dies a little slower but thats pretty much it. There is nothing to lose form pulling faster since its next to impossible to wipe.

    as for lfr, it can be good to read if some1 says tacs.. i usually throw out some basic tacs if its the first week that lfr is up.. (thou only 7/25 listened when i said get to the edge when the pillars rise the first week on elegon..)

    and believe it or not, ive said "pull" a fiew times aswell..
    some ppl are simply overwhelmed coming into a 25man raid, the thought of doing somethign wrong have them scared shitless and so they freeze and just do nothing.. a "pull tanks" in chat usually whakes ppl up.
    Afterall its lfr difficulty we are doing.. not heroic 25man. there is no need for buffs tactics or even readychecks.. its not harder then dpsing a targetdummy.

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    that 50% in the poll voted never just proves what a fucked upp community we have in wow.. refusing to follow a direction regardless if its the right one or not...
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    wth 2post?!
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    I'll do it if they bring up a helpful point or a useful strategy to beating the encounter.

    I won't listen when they tell me how to play my class though. I've healed in raid settings for close to 6 years now. I don't need to be told who to focus on or what spells to cast when.

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    As a healer, I absolutely HATE tanks that want to pull half the instance without atleast telling me what he/she is going to do. Now, I am very well geared at this point, so its not a problem to have fast runs, but you can atleast let the rest of the group know what your intentions are.

    Now in LFR, there are always too many chiefs and not enough indians. 17 people trying to tell everyone else how to do it, and every way is different. I usually speak up at the start, but I do it nicely, this way people will listen to me and ignore 90% of the rest of the crap being said. I am in no way a 'diva', but I do have many of these kills on heroic and in a pretty well known guild (which a lot of people recognize) so I am probably more qualified to lead a LFR group considering most of the people in LFR only do LFR and maybe a few normals here and there. I mainly run them to try and help people learn.

    There is certainly a difference in being an ass and being a leader. While everyone has ways they want to play, speed at which they want to do it. A little kindness goes a lot further than being rude.

    Now, LFD and LFR have caused a great increase in the ass hats that run these things. In BC if you were a troll, or just plain sucked, caused drama, you didn't run anything because of the way instances were formed back then. There was more a sense of server community, and people knew how you were. Now it doesn't matter. Be as big an ass as possible and noone cares because you can just que again and get a whole new set of people to annoy. I usually just put these kind of people on ignore and go on with my day.

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    Today a diva shouted after a wipe for all of us to uninstall wow and learn tactics.

    I humbly did what he said.

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    I start chain pulling and don't leave combat until the end of the instance. When I finish a run, nearly always the whole group wants to requeue and do more with me.

    I've never had anyone who wanted me to pull "faster", but I have had healers who wanted me to pull "more". Not in this expac, but in the previous one, i'd get into a dungeon and they'd often want me to pull like 5 packs at a time, which i'm usually fine with, but certain packs you will have problems pulling that many because of ranged/casters in them and no convenient places to LOS to stack them all up. As a personal rule, I only pull as much as I can survive, ensure I have all threat on all mobs, and ensure all mobs are stacked up for maximum AOE. If any of those things won't be true, I won't do it, so occasionally when you get a healer who thinks he is wow jesus and wants you to pull the entire instance at the same time and doesn't understand the fundamentals of tanking, I just ignore the guy altogether.

    I always pull fast and wouldn't slow down just because someone was trying to tell me to speed up. They are a nobody and completely unimportant. By slowing down based on what they want or don't want, you're just letting them control you and dictate your actions. As far as im concerned, anyone not from my server is an anonymous blankface and might as well be replaced by a AI controlled bot for all the importance they are to me.
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    as a healer i'd like my lfd's to be fast (dont do dailies, so its my vp source), i outgear it and dont need mana breaks anymore.
    but i never ask the party to speed it up, i always just go with the speed the tank sets up.
    i do sometimes point out that u can skip certain packs and if they dont well fine by me.

    oh and i say hello and thnx at the beginning and end..
    something that seems to be lacking these days...

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    I would have kicked him at the start with the reason being "learn manners" or "needs to work on better social skills", or "enjoy another 10 minute queue", or something of the like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskra View Post
    I can understand if you get upset when people start calling you names, but I personally just don't give a damn about your petty emotions and just want to finish the dungeon. Because newsflash: everyone is rude when they have anonymity. It's just utterly pointless to have some kind of righteous crusade against mean people in a dungeon, especially as a tank since you're just wasting everybodys time on something as trivial as someone saying "go". You seem so self absorbed and seem to think you have authority over the rest of the group just because you're the tank. Well guess what, more than half of the time, my groups won't need you, because I can just heal whatever melee DPS capable of taking your role instead until we find a replacement for you. You're serving as nothing but a roadblock to our goal of beating the dungeon once you start having your thumbs up your own ass and refuse to do anything until you get votekicked, or bored watching us killing the next 3 bosses without your help. Because really, once you stop doing your job, you're not any better than anyone who ever insulted you for being "slow". Having the whole group suffer because of one idiot is such elementary school bullshit, and I don't like it.
    I've been on the internet for 14 years now, and I've never once been a jerk to someone at random just because I was anonymous. Then again, I'm not a horrible human being who rationalizes bad behavior!

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    nope, I also tend to do the exact opposite

    Want me to speed up, ill slow down.
    Want to skip a pack of trash ? ill pull it

    if they only have 15 mins to play, then what the hell are they doing a dungeon for which could take longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    nope, I also tend to do the exact opposite

    Want me to speed up, ill slow down.
    Want to skip a pack of trash ? ill pull it

    if they only have 15 mins to play, then what the hell are they doing a dungeon for which could take longer.
    This imo.It seems like some people dont ever plan anything.You dont go into dung if you only got 15 min.I feel sorry for some of those ppl in real life.

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