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    What is it that make European guilds better than their American oponents?

    Is it a coincidence or is there a logical reason for the best EU guilds generally clearing content faster than the best US guilds.

    My guess would be that is something to do with the playerbase in the regions. I know a couple of people from EU top guilds and most of them are studying at the university and are generally pretty smart. The endgame raider profile in US seems to be abit different because people are actually paying for their eduacation in US. I know it sounds abit harsh but what i'a trying to say is, that people in EU guilds may be abit smarter than their American counterparts.

    What do you think?

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    I think you're finding an excuse to say that Europeans are smarter than Americans. That's what I think you're trying to say. I mean you're implying because they have to pay for their education they arn't as smart? some of you people give me a headache.

    Also, no I think it is how much time they put into it.

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    its easier to take time off work for euros compared to americans, just my opinion

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    Our smartest develop the weapons that keep your countries safe. Your smartest play video games. Grats?

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    Subtle EU vs. US debate thread isn't really all too subtle. We really don't like having these threads around.


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