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    Destro Lock pulls aggro (taunt?) with no pet

    Was helping a friend run a dungeon on his 78 destro lock with a level 90. Everytime he cast any spell at all (even using his wand just to autoattack) he would immediately aggro whatever he was hitting. The boss could be at 20% health and the first button he hits would cause him to have threat.

    He had no pet out. What could be causing this issue? He also has Grimoire of Sacrifice as his talent but he didn't have it in effect when this has been happening.
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    missread never mind
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    What is it that you are playing?

    Maybe he's attacking when you haven't established threat?
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    Whatever he's doing, it's a bug or some sort of oversight on a passive ability somewhere. I've got a level 90 taking him through a dungeon. The boss will be down to like 15% health and he'll auto-attack or cast a single Incinerate or something minor and insignificant and completely rip threat from me as though he taunted.

    One thing I need to test is if it happens on taunt immune targets. Then I could see if it was a taunt bug or just a massive aggro bug.

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    I think he's taunting, blueberries can do that.

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    The voidwalker gives you a Last Stand like ability when sacrificed not a taunt.

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    The only thing that could cause it is you having fade mechanic up at the time of his attack, like priests or monks have.

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    Glyph of Demon Hunting perhaps?

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    Using glyph of demon hunting gives 500% increased threat and turns a warlock's threat drop spell into a taunt.

    Did he have puple wings?

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