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    Ret Scaling Worse and Worse? (PvP)

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any other PvP Ret Paladin were noticing whether or not we were scaling poorly in comparison to other classes/specs, especially now that most people have their PvP weapon? I currently sit at around 58% PvP Resilience and 40% PvP Power and I feel as though I'm getting less "bang for my buck" than other dps classes. I feel as though I'm being hit harder than I'm hitting other classes for and don't have the much utility to make up for it. The spec feels very mid-low pack and weaker than most classes right now. I have very little CC and control, and I generally don't have the mitigation that other melee have, nor do I have the amount of burst outside of CDs.

    In arena I also feel unhelpful. I use my HoP and HoS on healers when they are targeted by melee and ranged dpsers respectively when they need the CD, and I use HoF when I run dual dps in 2s while using Emancipate on myself. But I feel as though I gimp my team as other dpsers, like Warriors and DKs, have more burst and sustained than I do as well as having more CC.

    I know this comes across as a QQ thread, and it is so don't call it anything different, but I would like to honestly know if anyone else is noticing this. It could just be me reading too many threads about Rets incoming healing nerf and how it's supposedly going to break the spec and is just me looking for problems to cry about.
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    I have about the same stats and i don't feel we are THAT far behind. I do think we are behind at the moment, and will be even more with the healing nerf, but on the other hand i don't want my healing to be the factor that keeps my spec viable, i mean, i did spec damage for a reason. The thing with Rets right now is that basically everything is decent but not more, save for a few exceptions, such as 3x-stack-Selfless Healer-heal in Arenas or BGs, and Wings + Avenger CD stacking.

    What i feel we need the most as of right now, is a buff to sustained damage. Maybe a 10% damage increase to white hits and perhaps a small Judgement/Crusader Strike buff. I think our Mobility is Okay and that it's one of our strengths. Perhaps a change to Inquisition, like a duration buff. It's extremely annoying having to always use the first 2-3 HoPo for Inquisition, it would be nice if atleast every other target switch in BGs would allow me to dps a bit before refreshing Inquisition.

    2's is a hopeless case. I feel Rets is FAR from being a viable choice for any high-ranked team in that bracket. I ran 2's with a skilled Spriest friend of mine a few days ago and we got our asses handed to us against most setups, even extremely weird setups.

    As for the CC, i feel it can be enough. I mean, i spec Burden of Guilt (for BG's and Wpvp) while the other two options would provide me with more CC, and i still feel that it's fine.

    I don't think i'd call Rets "Weaker than most classes", but somewhere in the middle. I mean, i personally think we are still stronger than Elemental, Boomkin and perhaps even Unholy.
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