<WarcraftPets> Guild has finally arrived in the EU!
After years of collecting and loving the new MoP pet content, a few people in the EU have created a copy / sister guild of the highly successful US WarcraftPets guild (with permission ofc!).

In time this will be the number one home for all the European pet collectors and battlers.

For those of you that are new to pets, just google ‘WarcraftPets’ and you will find a Blizzard official Fansite jam packed with pet info.

The US members from this fansite created a guild for the US server only, and at long last you can share the fun in the EU. In time this will be the number one home for all the European pet collectors and battlers.

In short:
It’s a happy home for anyone with an interest in pets on the EU Servers. Mains, alts, lvler’s, xfers…..anyone really! We are here to help all collect/trade/complete anything pet related. There will also be some casual raiding and dungeon groups for those that are interested.

In more detail:
Name: <WarcraftPets>
Server: Silvermoon EU PVE (no ganking) busy server but not too busy, plenty of pets for sale/trade plus pug groups for just about everything from current content to old content.
Faction: Alliance
Level 25 guild
Over 2100 achievement points
Run by mature vanilla players with an ex hardcore raiding background
All heirlooms inc legs
Access to all pre mop pets and aiming for the Thundering Serpent as soon as we have all the gold timed runs done!
8 bank tabs full of everything
Pet swap shop (take one you need and replace with another you have spare)
Free bags for levellers plus other goodies such as blues and some crafted epics
Full repairs
Help with gold if required (within reason lol)
A pink tabard!

Interested? Good! We require zero commitment from you, this will be a casual guild where people come and go. Some people have their mains here, others just an alt that they wish to use to collect when not raiding and others plan to lvl an alt in their spare time, others like myself have a complete OCD with collecting only rare quality pets ;D

With the new patches bringing even more pet content, achievements and awesome new pets......come and join the fun

If you would like to join or have any questions then just come and ask any member and be part of a growing group of soon to be Zookeepers!

Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you soon!