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    Lightbulb Melee Druid Animations


    Prepare for QQ! WAAAAAAAH

    So, I'm guessing this should go in the druid forum and not UI, but has anyone else noticed that the poor furry melee druids don't really have jack in terms of animations? And yes my settings are on high.

    1. swipe/thrash - anyone have any clue how big the aoe looks on this? The tooltip says 8 yards but I have no idea because there is 0 aoe animation. It just shows my arm going across my body and that DARN SURE is not 8 yards. I just hit the button and try to make sure yellow dmg pops up from each mob. But when you think about it, consecrate, D&D, thunderclap - I now these are just the tank ones but can a druid get some animations?

    2. Savage defense - This is no longer on a hit-by-hit basis, it's a buff....and quite frankly, while I'm cool with the new ways in which guardians tank, I'm really getting sick of staring at my buffs making sure this is still on. Can we get something? Something akin to a hunter's deterrence, where some crap spins around, just something so I don't have to keep checking my buffs.

    3. Frenzied regen - ....this one has an animation....it's the rejuv animation.... -_-

    4. Tiger's Fury - This one always made me laugh, we get a red.....skull? that pops up in front of our face...when we look at our char from the back usually...oops.

    5. Berserk - same deal but with our paws....on fire? meh ok it's fine, but I feel it can be more noticeable so we know when it runs out.

    Incarnation is EXACTLY what I'm talking about, it's perfect, it clearly shows me that I have it on and clearly shows me when it's off.

    So I made this post because I rarely ever see blue posts about druids that doesn't have to do with symbiosis. I guess blizz is too far into changing how often a day people can get valor points (seriously I can't believe they care that much), but I really just need to get this out there and bring it to light.

    So that's it I'm done QQing. Any comments are always welcome.

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    Lol on curse they haven't released a version rated for 5.0, I see it says there's an "unofficial patch". And that may work for SD but would that do anything for the attack animations?

    For instance, as a practical example, I ran a heroic this morning and every time I would charge into a group of mobs, my dps would start aoeing before I would, for the simple fact that they cant see whether or not I've aoe'ed. I feel like it's just missing at this point.

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    Thrash has a clear as day animation, four claws run down each target that has been hit and they drip blood until the the bleed debuff has ended. If you can't see it try changing the settings on your graphics card.

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    ok well you're right the little claw marks do pop up in front of the mobs, but that's not what I'm referring to with that ability and I probably should have been more clear because I do split my complaints into two different catgegories (lol). For swipe and thrash I'm looking for a big circle that lets me know my range. yes the claw marks do let me know if I've hit the mob or not (as does my dmg text) but I find so often that one or two mobs are just outside my range and I feel like if i constantly saw my range I could guage it better. SD is what I meant about knowing when it's on or off but I'm gonna give power auras a shot and see if it works.

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    Don't worry about PowerAuras. The author of it hasn't updated the addon for MoP. I've been using WeakAuras since the beginning of MoP and I find it much better tbh. I'd give that a whirl.

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