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    Who gave up on NHL...

    I remember when I was a big fun of hockey when I was younger and up to early 20's, I had NHL season pass, I was also in few fantasy leagues. After 2004 lockout I lost a lot of interest in watching it. I watched a game here and there, went to few games, but I didn't have the same interest that I did before lockout. Now lockout is up again and this time it seems more to me that none of the sides cares about the fans. Most read I have done don't mention anything about either side saying anything about fans and at this point I feel like it's time to give up on NHL and start watching college hockey where games seem more like NHL games before everyone went about money.

    Anyways, what I was wondering is there anyone else who feels the same way as I do or has some kinda of other opinion about the state of NHL ?

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    Put this in the NHL thread. There you will find plenty of us frustrated with their current state of the league.

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