<Desolution> 25-man guild located on Twisting Nether are currently looking for a third tank to complete our already strong team of raiders.

Current progress (25-man): MV Heroic 6/6 – HoF Heroic 3/6 – ToES Heroic 1/4

Raid days: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 19.45 - 23.30 (CET)

We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild, yet we’re progressing through the current heroic at a very steady rate from week to week.

Our two current main tanks are on a weekly basis stable. We’re however in need of a third tank to deal with encounters or strategies that requires more than just two tanks, as well as a stand-in in the case of a main tank not being able to tank. When dealing with content on farm we’re obviously swapping out either of our main tanks who doesn’t need any loot, to distribute both loot and playtime more efficiently.

Considering this is not a main tank spot, being able and willing to play as melee DPS would greatly increase your chances of both being recruited and getting more raiding time in the end. We do not care whether you’re main-spec tank or off-spec tank, as long as you’re capable of tanking the current heroic content.

We would prefer you being a Paladin, but other classes could work as well.

Visit desolution-twistingnether.guildlaunch.com to apply or for more information about our guild.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Vimpi (main tank) or Bushido (Guild Master) in-game or ask below.