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    Heroes of Might and Magic-esque games

    Love the strategy turnbased RPG games. Anyone know any others that are decent? I have the latest HoMM but it's quite buggy and sometimes damn near impossible.

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    Ooo, if anyone does happen to know any others I too would be extremely interested in this.

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    King's Bounty...



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    There were Disciples series, also Warlords (though they were somewhat more primitive), and Master of Magic. Other than these there are no current good games of this genre.

    If to not count King's Bounty The Legend, but it is not pure strategy, in same way as original King's Bounty wasn't.

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    For me the series nose dived into insanity after HOMM3. 3 is probably the best strategy game of all time IMO. After it the company developing it had finacial problems and design decisions were retarded. 5 was probably the best since 3 but IMO never captured the magic of 1-3. A very very sad story as a new HOMM game with gameplay to rival 3 would not take a lot of development like todays standards.

    At some point in the HOMM series they came up with the stupid decisions that 3d graphics are a trillion times better than 2d, less monsters, less factions, factions with random monsters thrown together, getting rid of classic music is better.

    Anyway this browser game is being developed, it might be good but I'm very sceptical. http://en.mm-heroesonline.com/

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    I second Master of Magic. That game was leagues ahead of its time and will hold always a special gamer place in my heart.

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    Age of Wonders, both 1 and 2 are brilliant games and I always prefered them over HoMM. Disciples is also pretty good.
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