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    I would wait till I was 70 or 80 and carefully plan out what I was going to do, then take the purple pill.

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    It seems to specifically say years, but I would agree with this even for one year off my life I could make the rest of my friends and families lives significantly easier. The pink pill would definitely be my second choice, as removing long distance as a factor in my life simplifies a lot, and as I don't really have ambition for anything 5 more years to live is fine.
    The problem with this is I fear if I took the yellow pill, the most important or impacting decision of my life would end up taking place in the year I lost from taking it, which would be horrifyingly bad.

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    I don't get the black pill, you would be immortal so you would see your loved ones die anyways so in the end they end up dieing anyways...
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    Yellow pill.

    Only need it once in a while for those big lottery drawings.
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    Yellow pill. Use it to win the lotto whenever it gets above $100,000,000 again.

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    Yellow pill, see one week in the future for the winning lottery numbers, I dont give a shit if I live a week less especially if I am going to be rich.
    That was my thought exactly haha. You just need to be able to see 1 week in the future to become very, very rich.

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