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    What do you have bound to your mouse?

    Just got my hands on a Razer Naga but i'm having trouble deciding what to bind to it. Heals? instants? targeting macros?
    What works for you guys?
    (I play spriest and druid btw)
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    cc's and targeting

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    I just have cc / dispells on it. I more or less use the same bindings for both my sham and hunt; tranq/purge on the same button, ws/silencing @focus on the same, scatter+trap/hex @ focus also on the same. Then it differs abit with intimidation/ frost shock.
    Arena 1,2,3 i just keep on f1,2,3.

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    At one point I had all my main rotation abilities bound to it and situational and cooldown abilities on the keyboard. Now it's all situational abilities. What prompted this change was I broke my right hand and could no longer use the mouse as I had before. Overall I think I enjoy using my left hand/keyboard for the bulk of stuff and things like disarm, smokebomb, healthstone, evasion etc on the mouse. For healing I use clique/grid and the numpad on the mouse for healing spells and the keyboard for damaging abilities/cooldowns. I haven't healed much but I find that it works out well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machomaije View Post
    cc's and targeting
    + small cooldowns / trinket !!

    on my g700 love it

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    I have one button as ctrl because it's too hard for me to hit ctrl on my keyboard without fucking up royally.

    The other button is ctrl+shift for more keybind combinations.

    Then my last button is just a button. I have it bound to mounting, but I've thought about making it push to talk.

    The only toon that even ends up needing so many keybinds and combinations is my druid. Some of my characters have awkwardly bare bars.

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    Logitech mx518 - Back thumb-button - Archimonde's Vengeance. Front thumb button - Grimoire of Sacrifice.

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    Trinket, tremor, /tar & dispel party 1,2,3 on scroll wheel

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    Trinket, Rebuke/Shift modifier focus rebuke, Autowalk

    I only have 3 buttons to bind on my Imperator, But if I had a naga i'd probably bind cds/dispels on it

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    I have all of my primary spells bound to my Naga (I use a shift modifier for some primary spells too.) I have lower priority abilities and cooldowns on my keyboard.

    For example, on my Boomkin my mouse has Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge, Moonfire, Sunfire, Typhoon, Starfall, Solar Beam, Faerie Fire, Wild Mushroom: Detonate, Cyclone, and Focus Cyclone. My keyboard has PvP Trinket, Activated Trinket (if applicable), Barkskin, Nature's Grasp, my racial, Astral Communion, and a couple more. My shift buttons on my Naga as Boomy are mostly heals, buffs, and forms.

    There are more things I could say, but the reaction time I get out of binding all of my primary skills to my Naga is great.

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    Nothing, I click all my skills on principle.

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    my mouse only has 2 extra buttons on the side, and because they are my easiest and quickest binds to press, its usually an interupt, and the other some form of survival CD, on my rogue its kick and the other is Cloak of shadows, hunter has deterrence on it etc. just gernerally 2 spells that i will need to use quickly in pvp.
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    Focus Silence
    Mind Control
    Shackle Undead
    Mass Dispel
    Vampiric Embrace
    Shield party 2
    Shield party 3
    Focus disarm
    Mind flay
    Mind blast
    Shadow word: pain
    Devouring plague

    I don't know how I would survive without a Razer Naga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangster View Post
    Just got my hands on a Razer Naga but i'm having trouble deciding what to bind to it. Heals? instants? targeting macros?
    What works for you guys?
    (I play spriest and druid btw)
    As a resto druid I've bound target arena1-3, pvp trinket, on use trinket, incarnation, hotw, cat form and mount/travel form to my mouse. I also use a thumb button for voice programs push-to-speak function. Still have 2 buttons un-used

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangster View Post
    Just got my hands on a Razer Naga but i'm having trouble deciding what to bind to it. Heals? instants? targeting macros?
    What works for you guys?
    (I play spriest and druid btw)
    CC, pot, mass dispel which I really can't reach on G7 so I always end up clicking it, used to use a spell on G1 at Alysrazor for easier flying, special button (a la Ultraxion) which is handy on many fights, cascade. That sort of thing.
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    Important stuff - on my rogue it's blind/focus blind, combat readiness, evasion and trinket, on my warrior it's intimidating shout, piercing howl, die by the sword, shield wall macro and trinket.
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    Focus macros (shift scroll up/down), cooldowns, defensive cooldowns and trinket. If I heal I generally use clique in combination with mouseover macros.

    I'm not a pro pvper but I'd figure the more ideas you get, the better.

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    everything . as much as possible

    you have a naga=17 buttons+ ctrl,alt,and shift= 51 possible binding.. i put almost everything to my mouse. most importantly mouse wheel up/down +ctrl and shift/alt.

    if u use an MMO mouse and only have 2 things bound to it, return it and get a $10 mouse.. probably a track ball...

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    Thanks for all the feedback! Will rebind tonight
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