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    Want to be a part of something cool and special

    I am working on an online newsletter focused on the gaming community. The main focus is for their to be a lot of opinion pieces written by our actual community and submitted to the newsletter, rather than just some paid writers always giving a small sample of opinions. As a community I believe that our voice should be heard and shared in a fun, humorous, and informative way. If you want to submit a piece for this newsletter it would be so valuable for our community.

    It can be an article (for example a story about your comic con experience, or an article about hacking); a picture (for example a person in a costume with a funny caption); a product review, or anything else important or creative you can think of.

    It doesn't have to be long (it can be as short as 40 words) or written formally. My favorite piece for the week will win $50 cash prize. If you are interested, email your writing to <snip> <---- (had to write it out cuz it wudnt let me post link) and enter the subject as the name or username you want the article to be given credit to (by________). Thanks you so much for your opinion, our voices will be heard and shared.

    I am still working on the website, but once its up we can hold elections for certain positions on the site, and managing the newsletter.

    I hope everyone can pitch in
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